Westie - West Highland White Terrier Puppies - Fragile and Needful Of Protection

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Have you ever held any Westie puppies? These tiny creatures are cuddly and white furry balls, at least 12-15 inches tall, possessing a pair of coal black eyes and snubbed nose. They look fragile and needful of your protection and care. This is deceiving, for they were initially bred to hunt vermin and are intelligent hunters.

Historicallyrepparttar “Westies” or West Highland White Terriers were bred inrepparttar 146718 high mountains of west Scotland and claims ancestry torepparttar 146719 Scotch Terrier.

While many dog owners who own Westie puppies know they don’t come cheap,repparttar 146720 joy, loyalty and love these dogs have give are worth it.

Is it easy to acquire any ofrepparttar 146721 Westies’ puppies? No, you’ll need to be mindful that Westies puppies’ breeders are selective with whom they’ll place their puppies. Only dog lovers with an extensive understanding of this breed’s need for extensive grooming and exercise are considered.

Here are useful facts about Westies puppies, for dog lovers.

When and how should you teach your Westies’ puppy to socialize? The ideal time, would be whenrepparttar 146722 puppy is between eight and 16 weeks of age, they’re rapidly maturing during this period.

Make surerepparttar 146723 pup is exposed to every stimulus he’ll have during his lifetime, while he/she is very young. Or else you’ll get a fearful dog.

Choose food specially formulated for puppies. Don’t feed them people food.

At first offer food to these young puppies three times a day. After 5-6 months, feedrepparttar 146724 puppy twice a day. To avoidrepparttar 146725 puppy getting obese, letrepparttar 146726 puppy eat for only fifteen minutes, then removerepparttar 146727 food dish. Check your Westie’s puppy’s paws and nails on a weekly basis.

Trimrepparttar 146728 hairs betweenrepparttar 146729 paws and nails.

West Highland White Terrier – How To Capture the Best Pictures of Your Westies

Written by Jeff Cuckson

For most West Highland White Terrier owners,repparttar dog is a beloved member ofrepparttar 146717 family. Like your children, you will want to capture pictures of your Westies fromrepparttar 146718 time they are puppies until they are old-timers. Getting good pictures of Westies may require a bit of special preparation and know-how, but evenrepparttar 146719 amateur photographer can get good ones at home.

Camera Angle

A common mistake amateurs make when taking pictures of their Westies is to shoot from a standing position, withrepparttar 146720 dog onrepparttar 146721 ground. Although you might get a good picture (teeth showing) or two this way,repparttar 146722 best are shot from your Westie's level - low down, onrepparttar 146723 floor. Alternatively, for a posed picture, you can raise your dog up on a table or chair. The aim is to capture your West Highland White Terrier from his perspective on life.

Sitting Still

Pictures do not have to be hit or miss, withrepparttar 146724 dog owner struggling to get perfect candid shots. Dogs can be trained, and posed pictures can be taken if you prepare yourself and your pet. It is best to start when West Highland White Terriers are puppies, getting them used torepparttar 146725 equipment andrepparttar 146726 picture-taking process.

A simple strategy is to take pics ofrepparttar 146727 dog while he is in his bed. Try placingrepparttar 146728 bed near a window for natural light. Reward your pet with small treats when he remains still, and he will quickly learn this behavior.

It helps to know your dog and his routine. Try to take your images at times when your Westie is neither tired-out nor frisky. Capture their attention, to poserepparttar 146729 head inrepparttar 146730 direction you want, with interesting sounds, food, or a toy.


There are two main lighting issues when taking pictures. The first isrepparttar 146731 camera flash. Like with humans,repparttar 146732 bright lights reflecting offrepparttar 146733 Westie's eyes produces a blurry, red-eye effect.

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