West Highland White Terrier - Westies - Training Success Tips

Written by Jeff Cuckson

The West Highland Terrier is a friendly dog, and is considered easier to handle and train than other terriers, such asrepparttar Scottish Terrier. Still, it possessesrepparttar 146786 bold, dynamic terrier temperament, and has to be trained in a manner appropriate forrepparttar 146787 breed.

Your West Highland Terrier training begins fromrepparttar 146788 moment you bring your terrier home. Westies are stubborn and clever, and considered a bit naughty. They will become demanding and ill tempered if they do not get their way, so you must teach them fromrepparttar 146789 start that you are in charge. Fromrepparttar 146790 beginning, treat your terrier in a firm, consistent way.

Terrier puppies, like all very young dogs, should be trained in short sessions of five minutes or less. Makerepparttar 146791 training session play for both you and your terrier. Generously reward your dog with praise. They are also known to react well to food training.

Your Westie will become confused if you lash out at its misbehavior, particularly if you continue to be angry afterrepparttar 146792 behavior has stopped. Your little terrier wants to please you, and by consistently rewardingrepparttar 146793 behavior you wish to promote, you will encourage it to become part ofrepparttar 146794 dog's personality.

Likerepparttar 146795 Scottish Terrier, and other terrier breeds, Westies are barkers. Barking is a dog's natural way to communicate a variety of feelings from happiness, to anxiety, to boredom. The terrier breeds, though, are quicker to bark than other dogs.

The most natural reaction by dog owners is to yell at your terrier to stop barking. This is exactlyrepparttar 146796 WRONG thing to do. Your dog hearsrepparttar 146797 loud voice as a sort of human bark, and it only reinforcesrepparttar 146798 behavior.

The key is to remain calm, verbally and physically, and diffuserepparttar 146799 terrier's excited emotional state. Say 'no bark' in a calm but firm tone. Never forget to rewardrepparttar 146800 dog whenrepparttar 146801 barking stops.

Westies Dogs and Your Children

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Almost without exception, breeders will advertise that their favorite terrier, westies dogs, are good with children. However, terrier enthusiasts, and westie rescue organizations, tell a different story.

Before you bring your terrier into a home with small children, be sure you understandrepparttar westie personality, and how they might react to your children's behavior.

Like any terrier, a westie can have what is called a high 'prey drive.' Any breed of terrier, westhighland terriers included, was originally bred to hunt down small prey, chase into its den, and then aggressively, or even viscously fightrepparttar 146785 prey until it was caught inrepparttar 146786 dog's jaws. Because small children's high, squealing voices sound likerepparttar 146787 squeals of fleeing prey , a westies' prey drive may be triggered by these sounds.

To compoundrepparttar 146788 confusionrepparttar 146789 dog will see children running from them inrepparttar 146790 same wayrepparttar 146791 see prey running to escape. It will give chase.

Amongrepparttar 146792 breeds of terrier, a westie is one that will not tolerate manhandling. Trainers advise that unlike some dogs, which can be desensitized torepparttar 146793 ear-pulling, and poking and prodding that small children are likely to inflict, westies will react adversely to this treatment. The more you or your child annoys your little terrier,repparttar 146794 more likely it is to become aggressive or nip.

Fromrepparttar 146795 point of view of a terrier, it will see small children as an inferior member ofrepparttar 146796 'pack.' This is true of many dogs. Being strong-willed west highland white terriers have an inclination to be bossy inrepparttar 146797 first place. Small children are incapable of countering this behavior.

If you have your heart set on a terrier, westies can still be your dog of choice if you have children. First train your children, then train your terrier. Teach your children how to properly approach, handle, and play with your westie.

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