West Highland White Terrier - Westie Grooming

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Westie Grooming – When your west highland white terrier becomes part of your family, it deservesrepparttar care love and support that is given to all members of your family.

As part ofrepparttar 146710 package, this would includerepparttar 146711 grooming of your Westie. I am not talking as a show dog. The west highland terrier is an elegant looking and smart dog . It has such beautiful eyes, which is my favorite feature.

Its class is terrier and origin, asrepparttar 146712 name suggests, Scottish. The color is white. Did I say white? No definitely not today. However, when he or she has dug up part of your newly planted scrubs, you would like to strangle it.

Here are 5 success tips on how to groom your westie. I am not talking about turning out a show dog. If this is what you want, then go to a groomer. They can be found in every town and city from London to New York to Atlanta.

1. Most Westies enjoy being groomed. Begin brushing and examining your Westie when it is very young. Be positive, patient and gentle.

2. Grooming is a part of your Westie's general health care and hygiene routine. It includes brushing, combing, nail-clipping, ear and dental care, bathing and scissoring, stripping or clipping of hair coats. Regular grooming stimulates circulation, improves appearance and reduces shedding.

3. It also enables you to discover lumps, lesions, cuts, scratches or external parasites. Frequent haircuts are even more important for Westies than for humans. Long hair breeds dirt, bacteria and is more prone to matting.

West Highland White Terriers – Westies- A Wonderful Breed Apart

Written by Jeff Cuckson

“Westies” or West Highland White Terriers are furry coated dogs, with dots for coal black eyes and button noses.

Why are West Highland White Terrier puppies sought after by many dog lovers? Because these friendly creatures are well-behaved, loyal and affectionate dogs, who may be pocket sized (average a 10-11 inches tall), but are highly intelligent animals.

You won’t have a hard time training these dogs, whether solely as house pets, or for show. Their keen intelligence makes it seem like play. However, they learn better and best to training sessions that are done on a schedule.

Brush their white coats two to three times a week, to keep it shiny and clean. If you do intend to enter them for competition, make sure your pet is regularly trimmed, plucked and stripped of his or her coat.

A West Highland white terrier lives an average of 15+ years, and usually has a litter of two to five puppies.

What isrepparttar history behindrepparttar 146709 West Highland White Terrier breed? This breed originated in Scotland developed inrepparttar 146710 high mountains of West Scotland, to hunt vermin. They claim a common ancestry torepparttar 146711 Scotch Terrier.

References torepparttar 146712 existence ofrepparttar 146713 West Highland White Terrier can be seen as early asrepparttar 146714 18th century, like one painting done by Sir Edwin Landseer. The piece entitled "The Breakfast Party" clearly featuresrepparttar 146715 West Highland Terriers.

Another name ofrepparttar 146716 West Highland White Terrier, is asrepparttar 146717 Poltalloch terrier. The name refers torepparttar 146718 home of Col. E.D. Malkolm,repparttar 146719 first breeder of these breed. In 1907,repparttar 146720 breed then registered asrepparttar 146721 Roseneath terrier, little Skye and Cairn. Then in 1909, AKC officially changedrepparttar 146722 breed’s name to what it is known as today, West Highland White Terrier breed.

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