West Highland Terrier Rescue Dog - What To Expect When You Bring It Home

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Congratulations on your choice to bring home a West Highland Terrier rescue dog. By electing to adopt one ofrepparttar rescued Westies, you are giving an older dog a chance to find a loving new home

In many ways, this is simpler than going throughrepparttar 146743 arduous process of training a westie terrier puppy. However, there still are steps you will need to take.

Westies that have found their way into rescue shelters sometimes have special needs, if only an owner who is patient and understanding ofrepparttar 146744 wayrepparttar 146745 dog might grieve for its previous family. People who volunteer keeprepparttar 146746 dog's needs foremost, and are choosy aboutrepparttar 146747 homes in which they place rescued terriers.

Expect an application process, an interview, and probably a home visit before you will be approved to take home a dog.

Westie rescue organizations need funds to pay for food and veterinary care whilerepparttar 146748 dogs are waiting for placement, so most charge an adoption fee to cover these expenses. Additionally, you will be required to haverepparttar 146749 dog spayed or neutered, if it has not already been.

Many perfectly behaved Westies find their way into rescue. However,repparttar 146750 stress of change, long stays in kennels, and grief atrepparttar 146751 loss of an owner, may make evenrepparttar 146752 best Westie forget some of its good habits. Do not allow your adopted Westie dog to behave badly because you feel sorry for it.

West Highland White Terriers, and all dogs, crave routine. Establish a firm, consistent discipline and habits with new dog fromrepparttar 146753 moment it arrives in your home, just as you would with a puppy. Atrepparttar 146754 very least, you will need to train your Westie into your expectations, and out of his old ones. Do this gradually, to avoid causing even more stress.

West Highland White Terriers - Make Your Westie Famous

Written by Jeff Cuckson

The West Highland White Terrier or Westie, has it's origin, asrepparttar name suggests, inrepparttar 146742 western Scottish Highlands. They were originally bred for controllingrepparttar 146743 population of rats, fox, otter and other vermin

The West highland White Terrier (also known asrepparttar 146744 Westie) is a elegant looking dog with beautiful eyes (this is my favourite feature).

Class: Terrier

Colour: White (Did I say white? - Definitely not today)

Height: Dogs - 10-12 inches

Bitches - 9-11 inches

Weight: Dogs - 15-22 lbs

Bitches - 13-16 lbs

Life Span: 15 + years

Litter Size: 2-5

From an owners perspective, I findrepparttar 146745 Westie, active, assertive, fun loving and does he like to play. Our westie called Pepper has a continual fight withrepparttar 146746 hoover.

He also likes to chase our cat (who is 9+ years). She can't be bothered with him and has put him in his place a few times. However he never seems to learn.

His other love is going for a walk. He goes crazy when he seesrepparttar 146747 dog lead being taken out ofrepparttar 146748 drawer.

Nowadays, they are more of a companion or family dog, even though they have strong terrier instincts. Above all they are a very smart, loyal and lovable dog.

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