Welcome to the iPod Generation

Written by William Frazier

Let's jump right into this;repparttar playing field is getting younger.

If you're actively paying attention torepparttar 147286 market andrepparttar 147287 trends, what's going on right now is a shift. A definite shift fromrepparttar 147288 "old" ways of doing things torepparttar 147289 "new". It may not be extremely apparent atrepparttar 147290 moment, but overrepparttar 147291 next couple of months to a year it will become very apparent.

Now, who am I to make such a bold statement? Well, I'm a part of that "new" generation; and have to be. I'm a musician and it is my JOB to keep my ear torepparttar 147292 street. Otherwise, how can I ever possibly hope to write songs that capture my audience. You see, MY audience is YOUR audience; no matter who you are. Being a musician means that I need to know how to appeal to everyone. Now, grantedrepparttar 147293 musician 'may' have somewhat of an unfair advantage overrepparttar 147294 'regular' marketer because my industry has pretty much an already open minded client. Who doesn't love some form of music?

Yet, AS a musician... true musicians... you're taught from a very early age (or very early in your career) that you should learn AND master as many genre's as you possibly can. Why? Because this is how you keep work coming in. Now, if you're only looking to form a band and stick with one style, then you don't think about this too much; kinna like a lotta marketers. Yet, if you want to be a TRUE master of your axe (axe = musical instrument), then you NEED to expand yourself.

Inner Directed Marketing -- A New Way to Prosper in Tough Times

Written by Joe Vitale

One day many years ago I asked a man how he got new business. He replied, "Angels hand out my business cards."

Yes, that's really what he said. I thought he was pretty strange, too, so I didn't pursuerepparttar matter with him. But I did notice that he seemed busy and prosperous. He was getting business, some how, some way.

A year or so ago another man and I were talking. I asked himrepparttar 147285 same question. He answered, "Mostly I get business by wishing for it." He, too, seemed busy and doing well.

I'm not kidding here. But were they?

I don't think so. If you've read my latest book, "Spiritual Marketing," you know I believe in magic and miracles. But you would also know that I believe in being practical. If wishing doesn't work, it needs replaced. If angels aren't bringing in new business, they need fired.

But here'srepparttar 147286 rub:

Wishing and angels DO seem to bring in new business.

Quit rolling your eyes. Let me explain:

When I was in Las Vegas October 6, 2001, forrepparttar 147287 now famous Guerilla Marketing Boot Camp featuring best-selling author Jay Conrad Levinson and Aesop Marketing's CEO Mark Joyner, I met many "old friends" forrepparttar 147288 first time. I didn't get to spend enough time with any of them, butrepparttar 147289 brief moments I had with a couple of them were illuminating.

Joe Sugarman,repparttar 147290 genius behindrepparttar 147291 world-wide success of BluBlocker sunglasses andrepparttar 147292 author of several masterpieces on marketing, walked up to me and congratulated me on my "Spiritual Marketing" book.

"I didn't know you were so spiritual," he said. "That was a real surprise to learn. That's what I've been doing for years."


One ofrepparttar 147293 greatest marketing minds inrepparttar 147294 history of America just admitted that he used SPIRITUAL principles to make money!?!?!!?!?

And to make A LOT of money, at that!?

Days later, once he and I had returned to our homes afterrepparttar 147295 seminar, Joe sent me an email saying he practiced a simple two-step process for getting results: Visualize it and let it go.

That's it!

Okay, okay. I've got one man talking to angels, another wishing for business, and Joe Sugarman imagining his desires and letting them just, well, go.

What's happening here?

I'll tell you what's happening. It's an awakening in business. My friend John Harricharan, author ofrepparttar 147296 great book, "The Power Pause," once told me, "The next trend will be spiritual. We went throughrepparttar 147297 information age. We're now going intorepparttar 147298 spiritual age."

Justrepparttar 147299 other day John wrote me an email saying, "There is a loud cry and yearning for things ofrepparttar 147300 spirit, but not like it used to be. Nowrepparttar 147301 world is looking for "practical spirituality" -- not spirituality that spends an hour or two a week in a church, synagogue, mosque or temple. But a spirituality that pervades our business, our relationships and all phases of our lives. It's like my late, great friend, Sun Bear once said, 'If your medicine doesn't grow corn, of what use is it?'"

More and more people today are beginning to realize that their power for creating wealth inrepparttar 147302 world isn't THEIR power at all.

Instead, it'srepparttar 147303 right use of THE power---which isrepparttar 147304 energy of all that is.

But, how do you use this strange new way to get more business?

Simple. I call it "Inner Directed Marketing." Consider it a shorthand version of "Spiritual Marketing." Consider it a slight refinement of what Joe Sugarman said he does. Here's how it works:

Step One: Set an intention.

Intention rulesrepparttar 147305 earth. When you state "I WILL..." or "I AM..." and then completerepparttar 147306 sentence with a clear statement of whatever it is you want to be, do, or have, you create a command that vibrates with power. An example might be, "I WILL write an article on Inner Directed Marketing that helps people easily get better results and which will somehow lead to my receiving $50,000 every month in passive income." Tall order? Maybe. But I believe anything is possible, so why not shoot forrepparttar 147307 moon? As Robert Collier said, "Plantrepparttar 147308 seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with power to attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment." It also helps if I clearly visualize this intention, and if I fully feel what it would be like to *already* have achieved it.

Step Two: Let it go.

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