Weight Loss Setbacks and the "All or Nothing" Attitude

Written by Victor Holtreman

I want to talk aboutrepparttar "all or nothing" outlook that is death to any attempt to lose fat and get in shape.

You're probably familiar with this concept... you might be rolling along making progress at losing fat for a few weeks when a holiday rolls around (typically Thanksgiving) or duringrepparttar 149126 summer you have some company that comes to visit for a week. Suddenlyrepparttar 149127 rules you've been following go outrepparttar 149128 window: There are goodies all around, and with allrepparttar 149129 friends and family there's no time (or thought) given to working out.

Next thing you know, you look atrepparttar 149130 scale and you've put on two, three or four pounds overrepparttar 149131 course of a week or two. Weight that you worked so hard to lose, and took you probably twice that long to take off.

Your first reaction is probably to say "The hell with it, what'srepparttar 149132 point?" and go back to your old ways, and for good measure you probably end up even more overweight than where you started.

Believe me, that's completely understandable. The problem is that althoughrepparttar 149133 human body is a miraculous thing, it can also be brutally unforgiving when it comes to staying in shape. You can lose months of hard won fitness in a couple of weeks.

Weight Loss: The INSIDE OUT Factor – The #1 Mindset in Changing Your Weight Forever!

Written by Greg Ryan Fitness Expert


The “INSIDE-OUT” approach to fitness differs from that of conventional wisdom. Most programs work on diet and exercise alone. They give suggestions on what foods to eat through recipes, calorie-counting books, and exercise tips. While this way may work inrepparttar short run, eventually your motivation and desire to get in better shape disappears. In order to change your attitude and these unwanted behaviors, there are three things to learn about yourself:

How and what motivates you?

What arerepparttar 149125 reasons behind your unwanted behaviors?

What kind of support system is good for you?

The “INSIDE-OUT” approach is an on-going process. In theory, it is a simple common sense idea. In practice, it will take some hope, a little faith in yourself, and patience.

The goal is for you to develop a lifestyle that reflects this way of thinking.

If you currently are not exercising, you can start by just moving and becoming aware of your motives. If you are exercising now and not getting any results, you can also approach this goal through a change in your behavior and lifestyle. Keep in mind that allrepparttar 149126 parts are necessary in order to makerepparttar 149127 most out of any exercise program.

You cannot sustain motivation to be active without pure motives.

You cannot change unwanted behaviors without knowingrepparttar 149128 reasons behind them.

You cannot stay focused without outside support.

You cannot eat smarter without a proper attitude toward food.

You cannot continue to be active without deep desires.

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