Weight Loss Fast and Exercise or Pay Now or Pay them Later!

Written by Greg Ryan

Why have I allowed myself to get into this shape? With life comes responsibility and with decisions comes consequences. It's your choice today to do something positive. Tomorrow it may be out of your hands. There are three underlying emotions that keep you from taking better care of yourself: denial, pride, and laziness. Consciously or subconsciously, this threesome isrepparttar root of why most Americans have allowed themselves to get inrepparttar 148035 shape they are in.

Are you one of them?

Chances are sooner or later one or all three will be riding with you inrepparttar 148036 car torepparttar 148037 hospital. Have you found yourself saying these things?

"My diet is not that bad." "A few trips torepparttar 148038 fast food joint once in awhile won't hurt." "My blood pressure is fine today. It wouldn't hurt if I skipped a day of taking my medication." "My New Year's resolution next month is to get in better shape." "Why have I let myself get this out of shape?


"It won't happen to me…no way, no how!"

Unfortunately, it is what we cannot see that is killing us. Our insides are getting eaten away because of our lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Society is so concerned with extreme makeover television shows that we have been caught off guard withrepparttar 148039 silent killers: heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Even ifrepparttar 148040 outside looks good,repparttar 148041 damage is still done inside our bodies. Over time we have made ourselves feel comfortable with certain lifestyle habits.

We overlookrepparttar 148042 long-term consequences of our behaviors. We see things going on around us, but we continue to put off exercise and eating better for another day. Out ofrepparttar 148043 three, Denial isrepparttar 148044 sneakiest beast of them all.


"Do not let them see you sweat or show any signs of weakness."

Ever find yourself saying one of these? "If I cannot do it on my own, then I will not do it at all." "Justrepparttar 148045 very fact of having to take better care of me, irritates me." "I'll put off my check up until next fall." Ever have any of these thoughts? Denial's brother, Pride, may not berepparttar 148046 sneakiest, but he isrepparttar 148047 strongest personality ofrepparttar 148048 boys. Having too much pride costs millions of lives every year in any arena you can imagine, especially in health andrepparttar 148049 aging process. While pride may berepparttar 148050 strongest emotion out ofrepparttar 148051 three, he always seems to lose. His ego getsrepparttar 148052 best of him and aging finally wins out inrepparttar 148053 end.

Weight Loss equals behavior change - The Acceptance Factor

Written by Greg Ryan

Getting torepparttar ROOT ofrepparttar 148034 matter: Ifrepparttar 148035 plants in your garden are not healthy looking, just trimming them back will not take care ofrepparttar 148036 problem. What dorepparttar 148037 roots look like? I am no psychologist, but there is a very interesting twist you need to understand before you begin any weight loss or fitness program. To change unwanted behaviors, it’s important to acknowledge your thinking toward exercise and eating. A lot of people believe they know what that thinking is, but haven’t come to grips with their core beliefs. In other words, they have to get torepparttar 148038 “root ofrepparttar 148039 matter.”

The truth is more Americans are overweight and out-of-shape today than ever before. Why? In order to change your attitude toward exercise and food, you have to understandrepparttar 148040 WHYs ofrepparttar 148041 behavior. You are going to have to dig deep, findrepparttar 148042 root ofrepparttar 148043 problem, nurture and understand it.

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Your BELIEF system: The reason you have certain behaviors is based onrepparttar 148044 core beliefs of your value system. It is here--inside--where things need to be addressed. Beliefs form barriers that stop you from starting or following through on a regular exercise and eating program.

Most barriers fall into these categories of acceptance:

Accept: Your Self-Limitations and Self-Expectations Your Circumstances—Past and Present Your True Reality of Life

Limitations: Some individuals have certain limitations. They may have physical setbacks, such as heart, joint, muscular or mental problems, i.e. depression. Limitations also come from outside influences and responsibilities brought on by lifestyles, such as kids, work, and money. Acknowledging your limitations helps you develop strategies, thus empowering you instead of hindering your capabilities.

Expectations: There is nothing wrong with setting goals; however, setting expectations too high could frustrate you. Do not set of expectations so high that your obligations in life will not allow you to accomplishrepparttar 148045 goal!

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