Weight Loss The Soft Drink Diet

Written by Greg Ryan

Inrepparttar early ninety's doctors were beginning to seerepparttar 148037 growing trend in American's waist lines. So for a very short period of time they came out onrepparttar 148038 offensive by promoting better foods to eat. An easy one was endorsing pasta meals. What they failed to mention wasrepparttar 148039 best time to eat pasta and what other things to not eat with it. Thus, fifteen years later, you are twenty percent fatter, and more confused than ever. Pasta by itself is not necessarilyrepparttar 148040 problem, but combine that with soft drinks or wine, then you haverepparttar 148041 Venus fly trap.

Remember years ago,repparttar 148042 sticky strip you hung out in your back yard. Flies would fly by and stick torepparttar 148043 strap. Well, that is what soft drinks do in your system. While you may be eating half way descent food groups (not to mention your portions)repparttar 148044 sugar drinks act asrepparttar 148045 sticky fly trap. This hindersrepparttar 148046 digestive process.

Truth or Consequences Weight Loss for good!

Written by Greg Ryan

What if you could actively changerepparttar outcome of your life by eating better and getting daily exercise? What if you felt better had more energy, less pain, and a better attitude toward aging? What if you approached life with more confidence, rather than dreadingrepparttar 148036 day? The fact is you will never know ahead of time when your life will end. Life, love and logic never seem to be onrepparttar 148037 same page. You can leave this earth anytime and for any reason. How you decide to live those days before you do go is your choice. You can continue downrepparttar 148038 path you're going with achy joints, low energy levels, high stress, and poor eating habits or you can choose a different path.

The health of America is going to get worse before it gets better. Diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease-are all at epidemic levels. And forrepparttar 148039 first time in historyrepparttar 148040 kids of today are projected not to live as long as there parents have. The only way forrepparttar 148041 health of America to get better is for all of us to be personally responsible, change our attitudes toward exercise, and support one another inrepparttar 148042 process.

Inrepparttar 148043 "good years," more money, more marketing and more-for-me attitudes enabled us to focus on makingrepparttar 148044 big bucks. It allowed us to put off worrying about healthy bodies. The accent was on NOW and not later. Butrepparttar 148045 fiscal wealth we accumulated years ago is NOW being drained by our physical healthcare costs. Eventually, our bad health will consume allrepparttar 148046 extra dollars we worked so hard to earn. Some ofrepparttar 148047 responsibility falls withrepparttar 148048 big corporations, insurance companies and hospital groups. But atrepparttar 148049 end ofrepparttar 148050 day,repparttar 148051 buck stops with YOU.

The reality of this situation bites; however,repparttar 148052 solution is not to ignore it, but to encourage people to embrace it.

Many of you have either given up on yourself or just flat out are living in denial. Either wayrepparttar 148053 choice is still yours. The fact ofrepparttar 148054 matter is there is still hope for America and there is still hope for you, too.

Don't letrepparttar 148055 buck stop with you. Take care of your own life before it takes charge of you.

Why start now? Pay me now or pay me later. I can just hearrepparttar 148056 doctors say. With life comes responsibility and with decisions comes consequences. It's your choice today to do something positive. Tomorrow it may be out of your hands. Rememberrepparttar 148057 three underlying emotions that keep us from taking better care of ourselves: denial, pride, and laziness. Consciously or subconsciously, this threesome isrepparttar 148058 root of why most Americans have allowed themselves to get inrepparttar 148059 shape they are in.

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