Weight Loss Ė Are you Frustrated? Have low energy? Donít feel good about yourself?

Written by Greg Ryan - High Profile Fitness Expert with Kathy Smith

Twenty years of health club consulting, 50,000 hours of paid personal training, and trainer torepparttar stars has taught me one thing; weight loss is not about numbers, itís about your approach. Here it is in a nut shell!

#1: Determine HOW you are motivated and WHERE your desires come from. You may think you know but you donít. If you fall on a offrepparttar 148515 wagon you donít know how you are motivated. People are motivated two ways, fear, pleasure or both. Your desires to feel better look better and are in better shape come from two directions, inside or out. Most people who fall off their exercise and weight loss programs do so because you are motivated byrepparttar 148516 wrong one ofrepparttar 148517 two. And your desires come fromrepparttar 148518 wrong direction. Figure these out and you will have staying power.

#2: Figure outrepparttar 148519 true beliefs behind each unwanted behavior of not exercising and eating wrong. You have a false belief system in your head about food and exercise. Determine what it is and then you can change it. If you are not following through and sabotaging your programs, it is because ofrepparttar 148520 illusion in your head.

Dieting and Exercising Ė Results all the time!

Written by Greg Ryan

To be successful in keeping to an exercise program, you going to have to define results. Results for most mean weight on a scale, a dress size,repparttar number of pounds on a bench press, and your waist size. I challenge you to think in abstracts. Results, allrepparttar 148467 time? Yes! It just may not come inrepparttar 148468 form you are looking for onrepparttar 148469 surface. You can breakrepparttar 148470 type of results into three categories: emotional, internal and external.


I believe more important than waistline measurements, personal bench press records or reading whateverrepparttar 148471 scale says, is what exercise does for you emotionally. For me, it was self-confidence and self- esteem. I will do this for life because I do not want to go back torepparttar 148472 person I once was. For you, it may be a feeling of being productive. Or because you are doing something for you and no one else.

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