Weight Loss: The INSIDE OUT Factor – The #1 Mindset in Changing Your Weight Forever!

Written by Greg Ryan Fitness Expert


The “INSIDE-OUT” approach to fitness differs from that of conventional wisdom. Most programs work on diet and exercise alone. They give suggestions on what foods to eat through recipes, calorie-counting books, and exercise tips. While this way may work inrepparttar short run, eventually your motivation and desire to get in better shape disappears. In order to change your attitude and these unwanted behaviors, there are three things to learn about yourself:

How and what motivates you?

What arerepparttar 149125 reasons behind your unwanted behaviors?

What kind of support system is good for you?

The “INSIDE-OUT” approach is an on-going process. In theory, it is a simple common sense idea. In practice, it will take some hope, a little faith in yourself, and patience.

The goal is for you to develop a lifestyle that reflects this way of thinking.

If you currently are not exercising, you can start by just moving and becoming aware of your motives. If you are exercising now and not getting any results, you can also approach this goal through a change in your behavior and lifestyle. Keep in mind that allrepparttar 149126 parts are necessary in order to makerepparttar 149127 most out of any exercise program.

You cannot sustain motivation to be active without pure motives.

You cannot change unwanted behaviors without knowingrepparttar 149128 reasons behind them.

You cannot stay focused without outside support.

You cannot eat smarter without a proper attitude toward food.

You cannot continue to be active without deep desires.

Weight Loss for Good – If Only You Had Known?

Written by Greg Ryan - High Profile Fitness Expert!

From my e book at www.resolutions.bz


I didn’t have much time to pack my bags that day; matter of fact, I‘m still wearingrepparttar same clothes I put on that morning .I met all three of them onrepparttar 149082 way up here. They said they would hitch a ride, but they were not sure they would be welcome where I was going.

I thought it was unusual to learn how much they knew about me. Did I meet them at some restaurant my family and I went to? Did I see them atrepparttar 149083 doctor’s office? I know, maybe it was at a bunko party orrepparttar 149084 golf course? I just couldn’t put my finger on how I knew them until today.

It’s pretty nice here though—peaceful, always something to do, good conversation. However, I sure miss my family. I wish I didn’t have to leave them soon, but how would I have known?

The three of them said they warned me time and time again. How? When? Where? I wondered. I thought I read allrepparttar 149085 right books and talked torepparttar 149086 right people. I even participated at times.

Lazy was probablyrepparttar 149087 one I got along withrepparttar 149088 best during that short time we spent together. He wasrepparttar 149089 only transparent one ofrepparttar 149090 three. Others might have thought if they saw us together we were twins. We were so much alike.

The other two were much more reserved and timid. Don’t let those guys fool you. I learned quickly they were stubborn old boys with rough edges—two ofrepparttar 149091 biggest know-it-alls I had ever met. They called themselves Denial and Pride. And if you ever met them, I think you would agree they were named correctly.

As I crossedrepparttar 149092 line, I will never forget what they said to me as we raised our hands to each other and waved goodbye, “If only you had known.”

The health of America is going to get worse before it gets better. Diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease—are all at epidemic levels. And forrepparttar 149093 first time in historyrepparttar 149094 kids of today are projected not to live as long as there parents have. The only way forrepparttar 149095 health of America to get better is for all of us to be personally responsible, change our attitudes toward exercise, and support one another inrepparttar 149096 process.

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