Weight-Loss Made Simple

Written by Sheri Graber of www.AutomaticWeightLossPlan.com

Weight-Loss Made Simple

To lose weight and keep it off you need an easy to follow no fuss plan. You need a plan that is simple and sensible. You need a plan that you can use everyday to get slim and healthy.

You need a plan that builds on your success day-by-day. A plan that keeps you inspired and motivated by seeing results. Fast! For a free special report on how you can get super motivated click here.

If you donít see and feel results fast itís far to easy to be tempted byrepparttar next fast food drive-thru or vending machine.

You need a plan that works for you, a plan that blends into your lifestyle. A plan that you can live with, forever. A plan that is so easy to follow that it easily becomes your automatic daily routine without fuss or stress. Thatísrepparttar 131251 real secret to permanent weight-loss, you know, having an automatic daily routine. No thinking required.

Most people go on train wreck diets. They followrepparttar 131252 latest fad. They start a diet, lose some weight, then go off it andrepparttar 131253 scale starts creeping back up. Sometimes they gain even more. Yo-yo- dieting, up and down and back up again is a nightmare.You donít want to do that, itís bad for your health.

Permanent weight loss requires changes in your lifestyle, changes in your behaviors. You canít expect to lose weight by doingrepparttar 131254 same things like overeating, sitting around watching hours and hours of television and not exercising. The secret is to lose weightrepparttar 131255 same way you plan on keeping it off. In other words simply get onrepparttar 131256 train of healthy lifestyle behaviors and stay with it. Donít crash. Stop looking for magic pills and quick fixes.

You canít expect to lose weight and keep it off by ignoring good nutrition and eating foods that are bad for you. Junk food leads to a junked and tired body that ages fast. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke and arthritis are just a few ofrepparttar 131257 health problems associated with obesity.

When I say ďjunk foodĒ I donít mean just fast food, donuts, or candy, I mean allrepparttar 131258 foods that donít seem so bad but are full of sugar, starches and fats. Foods like fruit juice are full of sugar. Youíre better off to eatrepparttar 131259 fruit and drink some water. foods like pasta, rice and french fries are full of empty calories that causerepparttar 131260 release of insulin and puts your body into fat storage mode.

Doctor, Iím bingeing but I still canít loose weight

Written by Naweko San-Joyz

If you rely on bingeing as a means to shed extra pounds or stabilize your weight, let me impart some down-home farming facts to dissuade you from this habit. Six-time Ms. Olympia champion, Cory Everson, offers a simple explanation for why bingeing fails: Itísrepparttar same method farmers use to fatten up their hogs for county fairs! Farmers do this by encouraging their hogs to overeat. For two to three days, farmers deny their hogs food. Then after this forced fast,repparttar 131249 farmers giverepparttar 131250 hogs more food than they can possibly eat. Andrepparttar 131251 hogs, of course, eat like hogs. Much torepparttar 131252 content ofrepparttar 131253 farmer,repparttar 131254 hogs gain several pounds inrepparttar 131255 process.

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