Weed Dangerous to Hummingbirds

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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If you love hummingbirds, keep your garden, yard, and property clear of weeds. Especially burdock. The prickly seedheads of common burdock can trap and kill hummingbirds.

During September, 1998, three hummingbirds were caught and died in Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. A fourth hummingbird was rescued by bird watchers.

According to National Park Service biologists,repparttar 138703 burrs act like Velcro. The barbed points onrepparttar 138704 burrs cling steadfastly to fur, clothing, skin, feathers--almost anything that comes near.

Asrepparttar 138705 tiny birds thrash around trying to free themselves they become even more entrapped.

While not much has been written aboutrepparttar 138706 subject, a consulting ornithologist in Burnaby British Columbia reports thatrepparttar 138707 weed does occasionally claimrepparttar 138708 lives of small birds and even brown bats.

Why Your Mattress May Be Killing You

Written by Mark Sweiger

The organic movement, which started with organic food, is moving torepparttar bedroom in a big way. "The bedroom? " you say. Yes, my dear,repparttar 138562 bedroom, where organic mattresses and organic bedding are becoming an important new trend inrepparttar 138563 quest for a healthier lifestyle.

The organic bedroom trend is motivated by some very recent disturbing discoveries aboutrepparttar 138564 petroleum-based foam mattresses most of us sleep on every night. Studies of household dust have confirmed that your mattress is likely one ofrepparttar 138565 most significant sources of cancer-causing chemicals in your home. The average mattress consists of petroleum-based foam covered in petroleum-based polyester fabric. During its 10-year average lifetime, a foam mattress loses up to half its weight, andrepparttar 138566 lost weight goes on your bedroom floor inrepparttar 138567 form of toxic dust and inrepparttar 138568 air inrepparttar 138569 form of formaldehyde gas which is a by-product ofrepparttar 138570 foam breakdown. Those dust bunnies under your bed could be a real threat to your health, unless you use an organic mattress which does not break down into these toxic by-products.

The foam mattress story gets even more scary. The average petroleum-based foam queen-sized mattress is soaked in about a pound of fire retardant chemicals called PDBEs, which have already been banned in Europe, but not in North America. PDBEs are chemicals which are similar torepparttar 138571 banned PCBs, and they build up inrepparttar 138572 body like DDT and PCBs. The PDBEs are used because they arerepparttar 138573 simplest and cheapest way to conform to United States mattress fire resistance codes. They are also promoted byrepparttar 138574 chemical industry, which recently sponsored tightening ofrepparttar 138575 mattress fire resistance codes, which will cause even greater quantities of PDBEs to be used inrepparttar 138576 manufacture of mattresses beginning in 2006. While these new codes will save an estimated 27 lives a year from fires, these new regulations play Russian roulette withrepparttar 138577 future health ofrepparttar 138578 285 million Americans that sleep on these petroleum-based foam mattresses. Those calling for a ban on PDBEs sayrepparttar 138579 greater danger is notrepparttar 138580 lives lost in fires, butrepparttar 138581 potentially millions of cases of cancer caused by exposure to these chemicals overrepparttar 138582 coming decades.

The solution to this problem is to remove petroleum-based bedding from your home, and this has spawnedrepparttar 138583 burgeoning organic bedroom movement. The cornerstone of this trend isrepparttar 138584 organic mattress, which isrepparttar 138585 same kind of mattresses our ancestors used beforerepparttar 138586 rise ofrepparttar 138587 petrochemical industry after World War II. It is also interesting to note that current cancer rates are more than 5 times higher than before World War II, when everybody was sleeping on organic mattresses by definition, because there was no petrochemical industry during those times.

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