Wedding Videography - When getting it right on the 1st take counts hire a professional

Written by Jay Corrao Ė Copyright 2005

Getting married is one ofrepparttar most stressful events anyone will ever endure. So many details and preparations go intorepparttar 147150 making of a successful wedding. Often one ofrepparttar 147151 most overlooked aspects of wedding preparation is hiring a wedding videographer. Many couples think they can cut a few corners by having uncle Charlie or aunt Mary video their wedding. Theyíve had a camcorder for a long time; they must know what they are doing right? And whatrepparttar 147152 heck itís free!

But then you watchrepparttar 147153 video andrepparttar 147154 memories you had just arenít coming acrossrepparttar 147155 way you remember them; or at least you didnít get see sick duringrepparttar 147156 real thing. Donít get me wrong there are plenty of relatives and friends who could probably do a half way decent job but why takerepparttar 147157 chance? This is your wedding, your big day, and you only get one shot at it. When getting it right onrepparttar 147158 first take counts you really should not settle for anything less than a professional wedding videographer to capture your precious event.

Professional wedding videographers understandrepparttar 147159 nature ofrepparttar 147160 wedding service and knowrepparttar 147161 ins and outs of capturing all ofrepparttar 147162 important moments. They also knowrepparttar 147163 dynamics of working withrepparttar 147164 people involved in your wedding, includingrepparttar 147165 clergy, photographer and others. I donít know how many times a photographer has told me they missed a good shot because aunt Mary was inrepparttar 147166 way. More often though I hear from clergy aboutrepparttar 147167 uncle Charlieís that crossedrepparttar 147168 line of propriety several times by not abiding byrepparttar 147169 rules ofrepparttar 147170 venue or understandingrepparttar 147171 sanctity ofrepparttar 147172 church.

Easy Wedding Shower Ideas

Written by Melanie Doetsch

Don't be intimidated if you've been chosen asrepparttar maid of honor for your friend's wedding and your greatest fear is planningrepparttar 147061 bridal shower! There are plenty easy wedding shower ideas to get you started and makerepparttar 147062 whole process go smoothly.

The most popular wedding shower idea isrepparttar 147063 kitchen shower, and it's reallyrepparttar 147064 most practical as well. After all, no one can have too many kitchen utensils or appliances, and there is also a host of nice little gourmet treats thatrepparttar 147065 bride would love to be gifted with.

A personal shower is also nice, with everyone givingrepparttar 147066 bride a gift of lingerie or accessories such as inexpensive jewelry. She might also like something like a skin treatment gift set, cosmetics, or bath powder and perfume.

When most people think of wedding showers, they do tend to think of tradition - a group of ladies getting together in someone's home or at a restaurant or tea room. Lots of decorations, some games and gifts. This is a wonderful concept, but if you're busy it can be hard to pull off. That's why there's a new trend in easy wedding shower ideas - activity based showers. We don't mean rock-climbing (unless you want to) - we mean a girl's day out.

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