Wedding Gift Dos and Don'ts

Written by Sher Matsen

When it comes to weddings, bothrepparttar bride & groom, andrepparttar 148517 guests worry about wedding gift etiquette. These do’s and don’ts will keep you onrepparttar 148518 right gift giving track!

I bet your wondering whererepparttar 148519 idea of wedding gifts originated? You’ll have to travel back torepparttar 148520 time when men no longer bartered for their wives. Withrepparttar 148521 tradition of choosing your bride, also camerepparttar 148522 tradition of friends and family bearing gifts. In those days articles were functional and useful additions torepparttar 148523 couple’s house, making their lives easier.

The Grecians were into presenting lush and lavish gifts. It was a big competition to see who could presentrepparttar 148524 most lavish gift. Brides and grooms were presented with precious jewelry, gold vases, magnificent clothing or furniture.

These days’ things have really changed. Wedding gift etiquette ofrepparttar 148525 past, simply does not work today. For couples who have been married before they already have allrepparttar 148526 household toys, so what is one to buy? Even if a couple has not been married before, most have run their own households so they still have everything they need. Many couples request no gifts. Some will ask for cash gifts, so they can putrepparttar 148527 funds towards a vacation, a house, or bigger ticket item. Is this okay? How big of wedding gift should one buy? It seems no matter what a person buys, they feel they’ve not spent enough, or boughtrepparttar 148528 wrong type of gift. Relax!! And go withrepparttar 148529 modern day flow!

The best thingrepparttar 148530 bride and groom can do for their guests, it to let them know what you are looking for. Funny, brides and grooms feel bad playingrepparttar 148531 “what they need” card, and guests are too uncomfortable to brocherepparttar 148532 subject for fear of offendingrepparttar 148533 bride and groom.

Versace - Well Recognized For Quality Fashions!

Written by Sher Matsen

Gianni Versace was born in 1946 in Reggio, Calabria, in Southern Italy. Versace received his love of fashion and first lessons on dress-making from his mother. Initially Versace trained as an architect, but soon he followed his mother intorepparttar fashion business. Versace worked for a number of top Italian fashion houses, but in 1978 withrepparttar 148475 help of his brother Santo he launched his own label. Versace was a great fashion pioneer who combinedrepparttar 148476 worlds of high style and pop culture. He was a charismatic and accomplished designer of clothing and theater costumes. Versace appreciated a range of historic attire which he incorporated into his designs and he was greatly influenced by Andy Warhol and modern abstract art.

Wowzer! Best describesrepparttar 148477 fashions designed by Gianni Versace. He was notorious for designing garments that would shock and startle our senses. Versace saw his designing as an art form. He initiated clothing that was visually excessive and provocative- fashions that confronted accepted codes of taste, beauty and sexuality. Fashion became entertainment, to be watched and admired - not simply worn. For Versace nothing was too extravagant too crazy or too risque. Yet no matter how extravagant or provocative Versace's clothes were always strikingly well designed garments designed to flatterrepparttar 148478 body.

Versace wasrepparttar 148479 designer of choice for many ofrepparttar 148480 rich and famous: pop stars such as Elton John, and Madonna; film stars such as Will Smith, and Elizabeth Hurley and even royalty - Princess Diana. The wealthy were drawn to his clothes like magnets, and that enhanced his reputation. However, Vercasse did not design simply forrepparttar 148481 wealthy his clothes were very much available torepparttar 148482 average person. In 1985 he launchedrepparttar 148483 Istante label in 1985; and after years as Gianni's muse, his sister Donatella became his co-designer and launchedrepparttar 148484 Versace diffusion range, Versus, in 1989. These labels featured clothes withinrepparttar 148485 budgets of many consumers; not only were they priced lower thanrepparttar 148486 custom-made clothes, but they were also aimed at younger markets.

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