Wedding Day Hair Styles - A Top Ten Checklist

Written by Mike Jones

The big day is fast approaching, andrepparttar energy ofrepparttar 122030 moment sweeps you up. But does it carry your hair along too? Userepparttar 122031 following checklist to ensure your wedding day hair is everything you dream it will be:

1. Which stylist? Make bookings for consultations with more than one stylist well in advance and decide onrepparttar 122032 one you feel most comfortable with. You should be able to express your likes and dislikes without feeling awkward.

2. Long hair, shoulder length, or short hair? It is important to consult with your stylist well in advance and make a decision. Long hair obviously givesrepparttar 122033 stylist much freedom for creativity but a skilled stylist can also work well with medium and short styles. Be sure to choose a length that fits with your personality and style.

3. Have your hair compliment your wedding dress. This can be done by both style and accessories. Smooth, straight hair and pinned up curls are often paired up with smooth satin gowns, whereas a tulle dress often goes well with soft curls.

4. Take into consideration your silhouette. If it's along horizontal lines such as with a wide dress, you'll want to stick with that look for your hair as well. The same goes for a vertical profile.

5. You'll be spending a lot of time atrepparttar 122034 salon picking outrepparttar 122035 perfect hairstyle, so it's best to be prepared. Be sure to wash your hairrepparttar 122036 night before your consultation, and try to have some pictures of styles you'd like to try out.

6. Take a picture of your wedding dress along to your stylist. This will greatly helprepparttar 122037 process along. Also take your veil with you, and letrepparttar 122038 stylist know what kind of wedding you are having: formal, informal, evening, daytime. Alternatively, consult with your stylist before deciding on your headpiece.

How to Have a Dream Wedding on a Budget

Written by Rachel Greenberg

No one wants to pay more than they have to for anything, especially something as costly as a wedding. And if you’re like me, and you had to foot your own bill, then you certainly want to keep costs down. I was afraid it couldn’t be done, especially since my husband and I live in one ofrepparttar most expensive regions ofrepparttar 122029 country. But my wedding is proof that it can be done, and here’s how:

Reception Venue Look for non-profit organizations that host wedding receptions, since their rental fees are extremely reasonable. And many of them -repparttar 122030 American Legion is one example - have gorgeous, well-maintained facilities. If you prefer an outdoor wedding, then skiprepparttar 122031 country club and go to a state or national park, where you can get beautiful landscapes at a fraction ofrepparttar 122032 cost.

Catering Many rental halls offer full-service catering, which includes linens and tableware, wait staff, all food prep and cleanup, etc. But unless you’re at a non-profit (which hopefully you are, if you followed step #1), then this can be extremely expensive. Try to find a smaller catering company that typically does at-home meal service, since they know how to do things on a budget. And they are sure to give you excellent customer service.

Alcohol You must, must, must buy your own alcohol. If you purchase it through your rental hall at retail price, you will be paying throughrepparttar 122033 nose. If you have followed step #1, then you have most likely found a place that will allow you to bring your own alcohol, or will give it to you at a non-profit price. This isrepparttar 122034 only way to go.

Flowers & Decorations Eliminate additional expense by keeping everything simple. There really is no need to have little party favors at each table, since hardly anyone remembers or appreciates those items anyway. And go easy onrepparttar 122035 flowers – having a few simple arrangements strategically placed can be very sophisticated and elegant.

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