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Written by Frank Levert

Onrepparttar internet, competition is stronger than ever. There was a time where paying a few bucks to get in Yahoo was enough to generate substantial traffic but marketing websites onrepparttar 127901 internet got much more complex since. Google is now a major player inrepparttar 127902 search engine industry and any serious internet marketing specialist and seo expert knows how important it is to get a good website ranking in that popular search engine. Understanding Google's algorythm along with having good html and writing skills can often makerepparttar 127903 difference between being an amateur or a good internet marketing specialist. Although, many other aspects that we will cover here should be taken into consideration when comesrepparttar 127904 time to findrepparttar 127905 right internet marketing specialist for your website.

To start with, you need to define your goals. Are you planning on building a new website or improving an existing one? To get straight torepparttar 127906 point, it is a known fact that an internet marketing specialist will have much more to work with if building a new website than if only improvingrepparttar 127907 search engine ranking of an old one. Look at it as if it was a house. Wouldn't it be better if you had a strong foundation? In other words, you can expect better results from your internet marketing specialist when building a new website from scratch. Inrepparttar 127908 other hand, it will also cost you more. Of course, you want to know ifrepparttar 127909 investment would be worth it. The truth is that it depends onrepparttar 127910 products and services you are offering and any serious internet marketing specialist should be able to give you a clear and realistic portrait ofrepparttar 127911 situation. Try avoiding those internet marketing companies offering guaranteed website ranking cause that could be tricky. Unlessrepparttar 127912 guaranty includes keywords of your choice, which would be very surprising, you could end up with keywords such as "upper ny marketing firm" ranking onrepparttar 127913 first page of Google's results but who would really search for that exact term? You could also rank well with a decent keyword such as "marketing techniques" and get some traffic from it but sincerely, would you get customers this way or a bunch of students and people trying to learn about marketing techniques?

4 Simple Steps To Search Engine Optimization

Written by Lee Weaver

What is search engine optimization? Well, just what it sounds like, it'srepparttar process of optimizing your website for search engines. There are thousands of companies out there that "specialize" in SEO. For a fee (usually a LOT) they will optimize your website for you. If you're paying one of these companies, you're throwing away money! Don't believe me? Go to your favorite search engine and search for "firefighter". Why firefighter? Because that isrepparttar 127900 one keyword that we feel is most important to this website, Go ahead, search. Here, we'll make it easy for you:

Click here to search Google for "firefighter". Click here to search Yahoo for "firefighter". Click here to search MSN for "firefighter". Click here to search Lycos for "firefighter". Click here to search HotBot for "firefighter".

(we'd link to Overture, but you'd have to scroll through 30 something "sponsored listings" before you get anywhere!)

What do you think of our search rankings? We think they're pretty good. How much did we pay to get these listings? NOTHING! Wondering how we do it? The SEO companies don't want you to know, but it's SO SIMPLE we just have to tell you!

STEP 1: CHOOSE your keyword(s)

Seems obvious, but a lot of people seem to overlook this. Choose keywords that are most relevant to your website. If your website is a content site, target keywords that relate to your targeted audience. This website targets firefighters, so firefighter was a logical keyword to target. If your target visitors are bus drivers, then bus driver would be a good keyword? Get it? If your site is commercial in nature, then your keywords should match what you are selling. If you sell toothpaste, toothpaste would be a good keyword. You don't need an SEO company to tell you this.

STEP 2: USE your keyword(s)

Our keyword is firefighter, andrepparttar 127901 word firefighter is used many times on virtually every page of this website (even this one!). If your keywords are bus drivers, and bus drivers is nowhere to be seen on your website, something is wrong. If you sell toothpaste andrepparttar 127902 word toothpaste doesn't appear on your website, someting is wrong. Again, you don't need an SEO company to tell you this.

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