Website not selling? Twelve questions you should ask yourself

Written by David Bell

So your website is getting visitors, but not enough are buying. A common online problem, unfortunately. Here are twelve common faults found with websites that don't sell. If you answer no to any of them, you need to take action. 1)Does your text focus on emphasizingrepparttar benefits andrepparttar 135630 resultsrepparttar 135631 customer will get from purchasing and using it? Sales copy needs to be focused onrepparttar 135632 benefits torepparttar 135633 end user, not onrepparttar 135634 features ofrepparttar 135635 product. Listrepparttar 135636 features, and then translate them into benefitsrepparttar 135637 customer will get. Move away from "our Widget does this, this and this.." to "You will soon be doing this .." 2)Does your website convey enough strong benefits? Brainstorm to come up with a list of benefits. Rank them in order of importance. Then mention them in order throughoutrepparttar 135638 text, best first. Summarizing them with bullet points too also works great. 3)Does you text stimulaterepparttar 135639 emotions? People buy withrepparttar 135640 heart notrepparttar 135641 head - so try and stimulate emotions - use words to paint a picture of life after they've bought your product " Imaginerepparttar 135642 freedom of no more back pain..." or " worries could soon be a thing ofrepparttar 135643 past, and you could soon be taking those exotic vacations...". 4))Doesrepparttar 135644 headline grab and draw you in? You've got to try to stop them dead in their tracks withrepparttar 135645 headline. Userepparttar 135646 best benefit of your product, and create interest so they read on. Make it hard hitting, but not unbelievable. 5)Do you have a call to action? People put off decisions, even if they're 90% sold on your product, they may still decide to "sleep on it". Don't let them have time to forget - give them an incentive to purchase now - discounts, bonuses etc. 6)Does your website load and function ok? Slow load times may cause people to get impatient and go elsewhere, even though it registers a visit. Do all links work, and more importantly, have you tested your order page by running dummy orders? 7)Do you have any testimonials from satisfied customers?

Testimonials are everywhere online, and people expect them as a matter of course. Ask those who have purchased what they thought -email them a simple customer satisfaction survey, offer a freebie for replying and userepparttar 135647 best comments. If your product is free,try a testimonial swap with a seller of a complementary (but not directly competing) product -offer to review his product if he reviews yours.

Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Sales!

Written by Wendy McClelland

Are you looking for some new ways to build your bottom line this month?

First of all - keep in touch with your customers! One ofrepparttar best ways to do this is with a newsletter. Today it’s easier than ever to have a newsletter – use email. If you don’t have your customer’s email addresses already, start asking for them when they pay for something atrepparttar 135494 cash register. Give them an incentive for signing up for your free newsletter – maybe a free gift or a small discount or even a prize draw they can be entered into. Use your newsletter to let customers know about sales in advance, extend special invitations to past customers only and openrepparttar 135495 store during non-regular hours. A popular sporting goods store where I live does this twice a year - andrepparttar 135496 lineups to get in weave throughrepparttar 135497 store parking lot and people talk aboutrepparttar 135498 sale for weeks – before and after it happens! This is a GREAT publicity AND sales tool. Add other incentives inrepparttar 135499 newsletter like: a 10% discount for past customers on a new product line, or offer an old customer a 5% discount on their next purchase if they bring a new customer to a special sale. Give customers a gift for every referral they send to you.

Can you team up with other businesses in your area to offer a “package” promotion? If you are a make-up artist can you team up withrepparttar 135500 high end dress shops in your community to offer a “bonus” make up package for prom or other special events? By combining services both businesses win and customers love it because they save time since they don’t have to run all over town! This would work well if you gave manicures, pedicures or did hair as well. Professional photographers can also find unique ways to team up with all of these businesses as well. Think “strength in numbers”! If you saverepparttar 135501 customer time and effort running around THEY WILL BUY FROM YOU and very much appreciate you.

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