Website Promotion – Writing Articles May Be Better Than Hiring SEO Firms

Written by Charles Essmeier

It is a well-known fact that a key to obtaining a good search engine position is having a lot of other Websites link to yours. The quantity is important, andrepparttar quality is important, too. A link to your site from is regarded byrepparttar 143097 search engines as more important than a link from How can someone with a fairly new Website obtain links from other sites? Quite easily, as it happens. Write articles about your Website’s topics and publish them onrepparttar 143098 Web. It is easy to do, it provides fairly fast results, and it is less expensive and safer than if you hired a company to promote your Website for you.

Writing articles is easy. Just find a topic that relates to your Website and write what you know about it. Offer informative tips, information or other factoids that may interestrepparttar 143099 public about your topic. It need not be long; 250-500 words is just fine. Atrepparttar 143100 bottom of your article, you may include a brief bio about yourself and you may include a link to your site. The next step is to search for “submit free content” in your favorite search engine. You will find many sites that accept articles from anyone who wishes to contribute. You usually publish an article by simply cutting and pasting into an online form. The Website where you publish your article shares your article with other sites that wish to republish them. Each time this happens, you’ll get another link back to your Website. It only takes a minute to publish an article, and I have seen additional links back to my site in as little as 12 hours! It works, and it’s free! The more articles you write,repparttar 143101 morerepparttar 143102 links to your Website will propagate throughoutrepparttar 143103 Internet.

The Hidden Fortune in Website "Stats"

Written by Jim Edwards

Most people never bother to look atrepparttar statistics program that comes with virtually every website because few realizerepparttar 143096 gold mine of information it contains.

Your website statistics holdrepparttar 143097 key for understanding your traffic, improving sales and increasingrepparttar 143098 overall effectiveness of your online selling.

Whether you realize it or not, your website has "critical numbers" that enable you to measurerepparttar 143099 overall success of your Internet presence.

Any serious website operator should understandrepparttar 143100 four most important numbers: Hits; Unique, Targeted Visitors; Leads; Sales.

Hits - Hits are typically page views, whether byrepparttar 143101 same or different visitors, and indicate overall activity onrepparttar 143102 site.

A lot of hits shows activity (usually a good thing), but doesn't necessarily mean you've had a high number of visitors. Search engine "spiders" and surfers hitting their back buttons also uprepparttar 143103 hit count.

Research has shown that, depending onrepparttar 143104 size of your site,repparttar 143105 ratio of hits to visitors will range anywhere from 2 to 1 allrepparttar 143106 way up to 12 to 1.

Unique, Targeted Visitors - people surfing to your site who have not been there before within a certain period of time.

Depending onrepparttar 143107 statistics program you use, a unique visitor may be someone who hasn't been to your site in a day or a week, while in other programs a visitor remains unique until you resetrepparttar 143108 stats.

You must understand how your stats program classifies unique visitors so you don't mistakenly believe your site is getting 30 unique visitors a day only to find out it isrepparttar 143109 same 30 people coming back day after day!

A "targeted" visitor means thatrepparttar 143110 visitor has an interest in what you are selling or promoting, this is usually demonstrated by keyword searches at a search engine or by clicking targeted advertisements.

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