Website Globalization

Written by S. Housley

Globalize Your Website The Internet has unlocked a wide array of markets and knocked down barriers that previously prevented merchants from marketing their products on a global scale. There are a number of ways to 'globalize' a website and broaden a businesses general appeal to an international audience.

1.) Payment Options - vary from country to country, therefore offering flexible payment options are important. While PayPal might be a good option for consumer-oriented products, this service is not widely used by businesses and is only available to customers in specific countries. In order to attract global customers, businesses must provide a variety of payment options that customers, in different countries, are familiar and comfortable with.

2.) Currency Distinction - provides added convenience to a potential customer, and shows an understanding and respect for global audiences. A currency converter is a good option, especially for large companies who may be dealing with many countries. When listing prices clearly indicaterepparttar country currency, such as between US dollars and Canadian dollars. This distinction will prevent misconceptions and prevent customer dissatisfaction.

3.) Contact Information - should be given for a country code, along withrepparttar 118679 area code, when listing phone numbers. It should not be assumed that customers knowrepparttar 118680 numbers to dial foreign calls. Sincerepparttar 118681 standards of address formats can differ from country to country, ensure thatrepparttar 118682 mailing address listed onrepparttar 118683 website is properly formatted. In this time of rapidly expanding use of numbers, if your area code changes, don't forget to changerepparttar 118684 information on your website.

You've got mail

Written by Nicholas Dixon

Hello and welcome to another meeting on The Roc. Since last week you may have noticed some radical changes taking place onrepparttar internet.

It seems that Google is revolutionizingrepparttar 118678 Net in more than one way. Recently they announced that they will be offering a free email service called Gmail. It will offer its users 1GB of memory space. Now that is a lot of space for anybody to have.

Now an email storage war has begun. MSN, Yahoo and Askjeeves have all offered their free subscribers extra memory to make them stay loyal to their service. Yahoo went from 4 Mb to a 100 MB; Askjeeves has upgraded to 125 MB and MSN has moved from 2MB to 250 MB!

If you used to worry about your mailbox being overwhelmed with emails, it is time for you to relax. No more need for you to purchase extra memory, you have loads of it available for free. You have tons of space for messages, attachments etc.

I believe that Google’s competitors are afraid thatrepparttar 118679 Big G is out to snatch away some of there market share. Google’s foray into email service is unusual and many a person is excited to hop on board and take advantage of what they have to offer.

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