Website Conversion Rate: More Keywords Equals More Sales

Written by Joe Duchesne

Your website conversion rate should concern you. This simply refers to how many visitors to your website it takes before you make a sale. It is called conversion because you are 'converting' a casual visitor into a buyer. Website conversion should concern you because when you can increaserepparttar rate at which your website visitors convert into buyers, you make more money without increase your costs. Let me explain.

If you get one sale for every one hundred visitors to your sales page on your website, you effectively have a conversion rate of one percent. It may be possible for you to make simple changes to your website that can result in an increased number of sales conversions.

So if you can get two people to convert to a sale per hundred instead of only one, you've effectively doubled your sales without increasing your costs, your traffic or your effort. It's for this reason that your website conversion rate should be something you know and are working to improve.

So how can I improve my conversion rate?

Improve your conversions by making changes torepparttar 147463 headline of your website. The very first text that appears on a web page will most often determine if someone keeps reading or clicks away. The headline you use should speak torepparttar 147464 visitor and make them want to keep reading to find out what you have to say.

Backup 101 - How To Pick The Right Backup Software

Written by David D. Deprice

Vision Backup

Vision Backup 10 Enterprise is an advanced and easy-to-use backup solution, designed for scheduled backup of your mission critical data. Supported media's include CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, Tape, Flash Devices and USB Hard Drives. Vision Backup gives yourepparttar ability to backup all your valuable data on your entire network. Increase Vision Backup's functionality by adding FREE plug-ins such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Directories and Files, and My Desktop and Files.

SmartSync Pro

SmartSync Pro is a universal tool to backup and synchronize your important data torepparttar 146980 same drive, different drive, removable ZIP/JAZZ drive, network volume or even remote computer. To makerepparttar 146981 application automatically copy new and modified files to some destination, you just need to setuprepparttar 146982 profile using easy to use wizard just once. The profile defines what, where and when to copy. Obsolete files will be also removed when they are not needed. If source data are destroyed or lost, they can be recovered with one mouse click.

Genie Backup Manager

GBM Pro is perfect for users of all computer comfort levels. Novice users will find it easy to create their first backup job in matter of minutes after installingrepparttar 146983 software, thanks to its intuitive wizard-based user interface, while advanced users will appreciaterepparttar 146984 software's extended flexibility and features such as preserving NTFS Alternative Data Streams, Email notification, Self executable backup sets, and scripting capabilities (GRunScript and GenieScript).

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