Website As a Business Tool, NOT a Business Expense

Written by Tom Stone

"Free Hosting, Free Domains, Free Registration, No Start-Up Fees, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free E-Commerce Set-Up, First Year Free, Design Your Own Website…" If we spend enough time playing allrepparttar free offers, is it possible to get a complete free site to help a new business get off its feet? Well,repparttar 113251 truth is, YES! There are some MAJOR issues to consider up front, however. The primary areas of danger with this approach include fine print disputes, permanent loss of e-mail address usability, and runaway unauthorized credit card charges. and we hear about new tricks or angles being used allrepparttar 113252 time. With so many free offers, why is it that some reputable businesses are paying thousands of dollars for their websites? Where isrepparttar 113253 middle ground? Start with your business plan, no matter how formal or informal it is. What arerepparttar 113254 goals or overall intent ofrepparttar 113255 business? The most important elements that MUST be present in a business plan, or else it isn't a viable plan, include WHYrepparttar 113256 market would choose your product or service overrepparttar 113257 others available, WHO that market is, HOW you're going to reach them. Ifrepparttar 113258 primary objective of your company isrepparttar 113259 generate a bottom line profit, then somewhere in your plan, you've probably considered things such as selling more units vs. selling at higher cost per unit, or increasing number in customer-base vs. increasing customer frequency. Consider YOUR business approach, mix it with YOUR market, and very often a much more effective and targeted application for a small business website makes itself apparent.

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Written by Debra Kay Patrick

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