Webmaster Interview : Article site owner

Written by Lee Munson

yfs1 is an experienced webmaster and prolific forum poster who has recently started a new article submission site, http://www.ArticleDepot. Within just a few weeks he is receiving hundreds of new articles and also many hundreds of visitors each day.

Below are his answers to questions we put to him on June 3rd, 2005.

What isrepparttar philosophy of your organisation?

The main goal for Article Depot is to provide a two-pronged resource for webmasters. The first is a place where they can distribute their articles and gainrepparttar 145641 SEO benefit ofrepparttar 145642 links contained within. The second is to provide them with related and useful content to supplement their site and gain greater exposure. We combine these two things with a "Keep It Simple" philosophy. There are no confusing signups or new code to learn. Most article submissions take less than 20 seconds from start to finish.

What arerepparttar 145643 organisation's plans and goals?

Our goal is to become a leading article distribution site by constantly adding new features that benefitrepparttar 145644 people that make Article Depot what it is,repparttar 145645 webmasters.

What do you consider to your site's strengths and weaknesses?

Our strength is our ability to adapt. We always have features in development. Our biggest one right now is to have an RSS feed which webmasters can put on their site and display articles in their chosen category as they are submitted. This would mean they could have fresh content and wouldn't even have to come torepparttar 145646 site. Our weakness may be our passion for this type of site. We are always trying to see things through webmasters eyes which can be difficult when you haverepparttar 145647 level of involvement with a site that we do.

What made you decide to run an article site?

I am a webmaster myself and I saw a need for a certain kind of article site. I struggled to find it so at first decided to build one to meet my own needs. It has now taken off with over 2,000 submissions every two weeks and unique visitors increasing 10% a day. I believe in it and feel it'srepparttar 145648 future of SEO. Content will always be important and can often help protect you from Algo shifts.

Asrepparttar 145649 owner of ArticleDepot, what do you find to be some of your biggest challenges?

By farrepparttar 145650 biggest challenge we face is SPAM. With any distribution site, most times you are judged onrepparttar 145651 value of your site byrepparttar 145652 quality ofrepparttar 145653 articles. This is why each article is viewed by a human reviewer before being added. This ensuresrepparttar 145654 quality of our database and ensures you are gettingrepparttar 145655 quality you expect when you come to Article Depot.

Do you think that content is still king?

I still believe in Content as King in an overall sense. Most SEO's these days have taken torepparttar 145656 phrase “Links are King, Content Is Queen” but I would disagree. I don't disagree for a moment that links are essential and important, especially with Google. What I would argue is that if content is used correctly it can excel in places links can't. The sandbox is a prime example. No matter how many links you manage to get, it is unlikely you will be able to escaperepparttar 145657 sandbox. However, by using content during this time, you can actually rank for 1000's of less competitive keywords that aren't held byrepparttar 145658 sandbox. Many times those 1000's together bring in significantly more traffic thanrepparttar 145659 one competitive keyword.

Sitellite 4.2 Content Management System – A Review

Written by Simian Systems

Ever since January 2001, web services company Simian Systems Inc (http://www.simian.ca) has marketed their own brand of custom developed content management solutions called Sitellite. Now, Simian Systems unleashesrepparttar much anticipated 4.2 version of their Content management suite of software calledrepparttar 145640 Sitellite 4.2 Content Management System (http://www.simian.ca/index/sitellite).

In case you have been living in a box somewhere, Sitellite is a powerful and popular content management system solution and application development framework built in PHP and usesrepparttar 145641 Apache web server to operate. The typical database back-end is MySQL, althoughrepparttar 145642 Enterprise Edition of Sitellite gives system administrators other options when connecting their DB up with Sitellite, including Oracle™, Microsoft SQL™, and other open source databases such as PostgreSQL.

Sitellite 4.2 has an intuitive user interface, usingrepparttar 145643 revolutionary XED 2 WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) page editor. After logging in to your website, XED 2 (pronounced Zed) allows website writers to edit allrepparttar 145644 images, pictures, graphics and text on their website and even allows copy and pasting text from their favourite word processor from an easy to use web interface. XED keeps a record of all of your changes and allows you to go back previous versions at any time, and also includes a 25 level undo/redo per web editing session. Sitellite 4.2 Professional and Enterprise editions also offers web novicesrepparttar 145645 freedom to add new navigation atrepparttar 145646 click of a button, add tracking metrics, polls, discussion forums, Blogs, event calendars, manage email-based marketing campaigns, slideshows, and automaterepparttar 145647 publishing of your changes at a future time and date. Sitellite 4.2 is easy to use and any manager or admin assistant can edit their own website withoutrepparttar 145648 need to call for tech support.

How is all this possible? The Sitellite Application Framework (or SAF) isrepparttar 145649 engine behindrepparttar 145650 new technology. The SAF allows web developers to add any functionality into Sitellite using over a hundred well documented, standards compliant programming libraries. These PHP classes make uprepparttar 145651 core of Sitellite itself and provide reusable, generic components for building any type of web application.

Also new in Sitellite 4.2 is an advanced revision control system called Rex to replacerepparttar 145652 previous versioning system. Rex offers far more in terms of functionality and flexibility than most versioning systems. Some ofrepparttar 145653 key new features in Rex include: drivers for separate revision stores and drivers for separate collection sources. A source isrepparttar 145654 location and format ofrepparttar 145655 data that you want to keep versions of changes to. Rex allows you to attach revision control to any data source, provided a driver exists, without requiring any changes at all torepparttar 145656 data source ofrepparttar 145657 collection. So if you want to manage a remote FTP server's contents throughrepparttar 145658 Sitellite Control Panel, including a complete revision history for each file, all you need to do is writerepparttar 145659 driver. This opens a world of possibilities not so readily available in other revision control systems.

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