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Article: Audixp with side-window review . By: zoneview My first computer case I used to have wasrepparttar blank ATX case with 3 exposed bays and 3 hidden bays. In fact, I was really pleased with what I had at that time. Actually, I was really proud of what I had. But, when i went to computer fair located in Pomona, Ca , my mind completely changed . A beautiful modified case with see-through window was caught into my attention. It was a hand-made case. The cost for that amazing case was $300. I was surprised withrepparttar 107867 case and also withrepparttar 107868 high-rocket price. The only thing in my head was "Why would i spend $300 forrepparttar 107869 stupid case? ", "Is that worth it ?" . Few booths away fromrepparttar 107870 case wasrepparttar 107871 windows kit which you can use to modify computer case's side window. It actually fitted into my needs and it was cheap compared torepparttar 107872 modified case I had seen before. I bought it for and tried to modify it myself. You don't know how hard it was for me to cutrepparttar 107873 window open. I got scratches all over my hand. The window was ruined. I actually had to thrownrepparttar 107874 entire kits away because it didn't work out really well for me. I don't blame my awkward skill but it is truly hard for ordinary people to modify it onrepparttar 107875 hard material. I finally decided to go withrepparttar 107876 case. It is expensive inrepparttar 107877 first place, but i love it . It has neon light, see through window and it comes with 250W power supply. The entire system glows inrepparttar 107878 dark withrepparttar 107879 beautiful green light can catch people attention, especially my friends. They are all impressed. Because of its high-end look andrepparttar 107880 high price, see-through side window is getting more and more popular. Butrepparttar 107881 price forrepparttar 107882 window is still high. The price range for it is from $30 to $60. Recently, Ahanix releases one ofrepparttar 107883 special computer case withrepparttar 107884 see-through window. It comes with affordable price and best in performance. It is an incredible good-looking case. They named it Audixp. I don't know how they come up withrepparttar 107885 name but I like how it sounds. Because of many good features Audixp has, I decided to write a review for it. I hope you'll likerepparttar 107886 Audixp after reading this article. Audixp comes in two colors : Dark Silver and Silver as shown atrepparttar 107887 bottom from left to right. Both have see-through windows. As I know Audixp first generation doesn't come with side-window. You have to be careful when purchasingrepparttar 107888 case somewhere else. They might haverepparttar 107889 first generation without window but it costsrepparttar 107890 same. I also seerepparttar 107891 side-window sold at many places. Butrepparttar 107892 price is really high. The regular price inrepparttar 107893 market about $25-35 for a single side-window. It might not even fit with your computer case. One thing I would like people to aware of isrepparttar 107894 window kit and side-window are notrepparttar 107895 same. The kit is to transformrepparttar 107896 side panel torepparttar 107897 side-window.

Thesaurus: One of the Greatest Tools Rarely Used

Written by Rafael Van Dyke

Anyone with experience in written communication has hadrepparttar experience of producing a document with typos and grammatical errors. The good writers never say a document is complete without running a spell check first. Those that use Microsoft Word can check spelling and grammar atrepparttar 107866 same time. Indeed, many documents have been saved byrepparttar 107867 spelling & grammar checks (I certainly use it on all of my articles).

But, to be a great writer, one must take it a step further than just making sure that a document is grammatically correct. To make your documents better than just error-proof, you must make use of a thesaurus – a tool that allows you to find synonyms (terms with same meaning) and antonyms (terms with opposite meaning) for a particular word or phrase. Inrepparttar 107868 old days, thesauruses were only available in book form; now, they are included in just about every word processing program – notrepparttar 107869 mention onrepparttar 107870 web (check out www.thesaurus.com.) It’s a pity that they’re so rarely used that it’s not even inrepparttar 107871 Tools menu of Microsoft Word anymore when you install it (you have to either add it yourself or remember Shift + F7!)

However, it is very easy to abuse a thesaurus. Some writers have so much fun replacing words, but confuse their readers and never realy properly convey your thoughts. The question is simple - what isrepparttar 107872 correct way to use a thesaurus to make your documents great? As you considerrepparttar 107873 following thesaurus tips, keep in mind thatrepparttar 107874 main goal in using it is to make your document “flow” better.

Know When to Use It Using a thesaurus means that you’re reaching outside of your normal vocabulary to make yours thoughts sound better. The wrong time to do this is when you’re trying to convey a personal message or if you’re trying to make a simple statement. A good rule is to never use it on a one-page document. The exception is when you need to replace a catchword that you’ve already used in another sentence (orrepparttar 107875 same sentence); even then, you can usually re-phrase a sentence without having to reach forrepparttar 107876 thesaurus. Another guideline is to only replace one important word per page withrepparttar 107877 same exception as before. Don’t choke your reader.

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