Web site strategy #1. "Buy or Goodbye"

Written by Pavel Lenshin

The first popular strategy for e-business websites we are about to discuss could also be described as a "Sale Focused".

The vastly known description to that kind of online presence is "mini-sale-site". I wouldn't support that description as i don't think it is complete enough. The term "mini" usually refers to a one-two-three page website,repparttar only purpose of which is to sell some product/service. I should put here a big "BUT".

Onrepparttar 117451 contrast to that meaning, I could give you numerous examples of content rich websites with two to three pages of 5-10 power articles and a site that consists of 20-50 pages of blatant sales letters.

That is whyrepparttar 117452 main idea behind any "mini-site" is not a number of pages, rather then strict and unconsciously straightforward direction towards product/service selling. That is why any e-shop will meet "mini site" requirements as they are nothing more then a number of sales letters directed to turnrepparttar 117453 usual surfer intorepparttar 117454 buyer as quickly as possible.

Their TASKS are to:

1. Presentrepparttar 117455 visitor with a product/service; 2. Reassure her/him that it isrepparttar 117456 best offer inrepparttar 117457 whole universe; 3. Show them how they managed to live all that time without their product/service; 4. Give them a guarantee that they will even be able to "fly torepparttar 117458 Moon" tomorrow, if they buy what we offer today; 5. and closerepparttar 117459 sale. If needed, capture your visitor's email and explain forrepparttar 117460 next 5 days, that they are losing their unbounded wealth with each day of purchase delay.


* The only purpose is to closerepparttar 117461 sale. * Main income is generated by direct web-site sales. Indirect income streams through additional services, except all kinds of partner programs, are subsidiary. * Demands integrated e-commerce solutions to be able to serve smoothly all volumes of sales. * Relatively high business process automation.

How long isrepparttar 117462 way?

Absolutely short. If you will come to one of those giant e-shops and be amazed byrepparttar 117463 structure and service complexity, you would better not, as their core consists of a big number of sales pages with a bunch of additional services. If you have already seen yourself inrepparttar 117464 chair of President or, at worst, Vice-president of such online giant reseller, all you need to do is setup one page sales letter web-site and then grow, grow and grow.

If your name is similar to Bill Gates or George Soros, in other words you have a famous First and Last Name to sell as a trade mark,repparttar 117465 only job left for you is to announce another "Killer Breakthrough Product" and emphasize for several times, that it is Yours. Then wait while a flood of people tear your offer apart leaving you all their money. They don't usually pay any attention to what you are actually selling.

Deciding on a Home-Based Business That's Right For You

Written by Shonda Ponder

When you decide that you would like to go into business for yourself,repparttar first step is deciding on a type of business that fits your idea of "comfortable" and "fun". After all,repparttar 117450 whole reason you want to go into business for yourself isrepparttar 117451 fact that what you are doing right now is "uncomfortable", and "not fun".

So,repparttar 117452 first thing you should do is make a personal assessment of who you are. For instance, what do you like? What are your favorite hobbies? Do you like working with or around people? Or, are you a homebody? Do you have any skills that could help you (such as typing, office skills, organizational skills, etc.)? What do you dislike?

Yes, what you dislike is as important as what you like. Without knowing what your dislikes are, you are liable to turn your projects into something that you don't want to do, but end up stuck with. Figuring out what you dislike before-hand will enable you to plan accordingly, and make sure that what you dislike does not interfere with what you are trying to build. Dislikes help you decide policies and procedures that you normally would not think of when writing out your business plan.

For instance: Do you like or dislike knocking on stranger's doors? Are you comfortable or uncomfortable talking to strangers face to face? How do you feel about telephones? Do you feel differently about emails or letter writing through postal mail?

If you are comfortable talking to people face to face, then you should start out with products that you believe in, and go forrepparttar 117453 direct selling technique. However, if you are more comfortable with writing, you may want to consider a mail order type business, or an internet business.

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