Web site copy…Forget the trickery, it’s all about you.

Written by Julia Hyde

Here’s a question for you: What arerepparttar most important words on your web site? Do I hear you shout, “ keywords of course.” Well if you did, you’d be wrong.

Forget your keywords for a moment because what you should have said is “you” and “your”.

Overrepparttar 145164 years web surfers have endured many unpleasant trends – flash and animation, blinking text, pop-up windows, purple text on black backgrounds and much, much more. These days, however, they’re subjected torepparttar 145165 subtle, yet still unpleasant practice of “let’s stuff as many keywords into our web page copy as we possibly can” syndrome.

Known as “keyword stuffing” this practice stems fromrepparttar 145166 notion that if you place a huge amount of keyword phrases on your web page you’ll miraculously be elevated torepparttar 145167 top ofrepparttar 145168 search engine results and sell more of your product or service. Of course, fromrepparttar 145169 visitors’ point of view this doesn’t work too well because repeatingrepparttar 145170 same phrases over and over again onrepparttar 145171 page won’t persuade your visitors to do anything much except hastily leaverepparttar 145172 site.

So sneakily, just to make surerepparttar 145173 repetitive, parrot-like copy doesn’t cause a complete exodus of potential customers, some web site owners and developers hide their keyword phrases sorepparttar 145174 search engines can see them, but human visitors can’t.

I idea is this: place your keywords inrepparttar 145175 same color as your background and make them invisible torepparttar 145176 human eye, but not torepparttar 145177 search engines. The search engines, readingrepparttar 145178 text, indexrepparttar 145179 site as relevant for that particular keyword phrase and rank it higher inrepparttar 145180 results. Problem is, not only is it unethical, it doesn’t actually work. Well not for long anyway.

Unfortunately, this practice seems to be proliferating like locusts. And while it’s impossible to spray or swat them, I can draw your attention to it inrepparttar 145181 hope that, (a) you’ll refrain from using this tactic on your own web site, and (b) I’ll shamerepparttar 145182 offenders into removingrepparttar 145183 offending words from their site.

Leadingrepparttar 145184 pack inrepparttar 145185 keyword-stuffing department is an unlikely pair: churches and lawyers. Yes, you heard me right, but it bears repeating: churches and lawyers. Why that is I can only imagine, but just in case you don’t believe me, I’ve put together a kind of rogue’s gallery… well two actually because finding them is a time-consuming process that involves typingrepparttar 145186 same word a lot. Please note that to seerepparttar 145187 keywords you’ll have to hold downrepparttar 145188 “ctrl” and “A” key on your keypad. Please also note thatrepparttar 145189 owners ofrepparttar 145190 web site may be unaware this practice has been used on their site.

1.The US-Attorney & The Law Office: http://www.the-office.com/lawofc/. Keyword = lawyer. Hold down ctrl and A and scroll right down torepparttar 145191 bottom ofrepparttar 145192 page. 2.The First Baptist Church: http://www.lakeshorebaptist.net/hycws/. Keyword = church. There they are right down atrepparttar 145193 bottom ofrepparttar 145194 page next to you know who.

How to Cheaply and Powerfully Reposition Yourself On the Web

Written by Bruce Carlson

Copyright © 2005 by Bruce Carlson

It goes without saying that all of us would like better response and conversion numbers from our websites. This is an ongoing dilemma which, unfortunately for many of us, remains a dilemma.

It's just too easy to sit onrepparttar same old tired, sour marketing with crossed fingers, hoping for better numbers inrepparttar 144857 future. The whole idea of rolling out a new campaign or overhauling your web copy can be pretty daunting.

But if your numbers aren't what you'd like (and how many of us are really satisfied with our numbers?), then you need to get offrepparttar 144858 hope wagon and and put a new plan into action.

Inrepparttar 144859 lines that follow, I'd like to present a concrete, low-cost, three-step plan for renewing your marketing through repositioning.

Step #1. Get Out ofrepparttar 144860 Commodity Business and Intorepparttar 144861 Information Business

One ofrepparttar 144862 things that happens to many businesses, both online and offline, is "commoditization." When your business becomes commoditized, you become just another face in a sea of similar products or services.

If this is happening to you, you need to change businesses.

Even if you don't feel "commoditized", switching gears and putting your Web business into information mode can only bring good things.

The first step is to makerepparttar 144863 "psychological leap" from being a product or service provider to being an information provider.

Which means you're going to become an educator.

You're going to start teaching people about your niche in a MUCH BIGGER WAY than you have been inrepparttar 144864 past...

And you're going to compete on whole new turf from here on out. Instead of competing with every other Joe or Jane selling their dieting ebook or doing horoscope readings, you're going to be competing with those providing solid information about weight loss or astrological services.

A much more pleasing scenario.

Sure, you can still have your root product or service. But that will no longer berepparttar 144865 central focus of your business.

Being inrepparttar 144866 information business offers you a flexibility that simply being inrepparttar 144867 product or service business doesn't. You'll widen your horizons and branch out into totally new sub-areas of your present niche.

Step #2. Build A New Knowledge Base

In order to educate others, you need to know what you're talking about.

Even if you already have a huge amount of knowledge, you'll find that once you start to write and teach there will be plenty more to learn.

Inrepparttar 144868 teaching business there's an old saying:

"The easiest way to learn about something is to teach it."

The very act of passing on information to others will stimulate your research. You'll gain knowledge and develop fresh approaches to new areas, and even to old areas you may have thought you knew everything about already.

Consider this. If you are reading about something only because you think you "might" needrepparttar 144869 information one day, how motivated will you be to really get down and study?

Better to just enjoy a novel.

But if you're reading something because it's contributing to an article or report or book or other info vehicle you're inrepparttar 144870 process of writing -- one that enhances your image as an expert -- then you'll be much more motivated to read and study.

As you read and study, userepparttar 144871 power of your imagination to see yourself in a new light. As a soon-to-be respected writer and teacher. As a distinguished information publisher. As an expert consultant and coach.

Step #3. Publicize Your New Expert Status

There are four dirt-cheap vehicles (outside your basic website) you can use for establishing your position online as an expert information provider.

The Blog

If you don't yet have a blog, you're missing out on a great low-cost publishing vehicle that will get your info out there onrepparttar 144872 Web RIGHT NOW.

This blog should be an informational blog, where you teach and pass on info about your niche. Not a "chatty" blog where you pour out your feelings and talk about your personal life allrepparttar 144873 time.

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