Web Source Web Design Tips - Using META Tags for Search Engine Indexing

Written by Shelley Lowery

Meta tags are used to give detailed instructions, in regard to a web page, torepparttar Search Engines and browsers.

You can providerepparttar 134690 Search Engines with a description of your web page andrepparttar 134691 most relevant "keywords" for your web site by addingrepparttar 134692 following META tags betweenrepparttar 134693 and tags of your HTML.

When selecting your keywords, it is best to list them within a phrase. Try to concentrate on only a few keyword phrases throughout your text.


dog grooming techniques,groomers,tips,pet supplies,animal care,

Try to select keyword phrases that your potential visitor may type in while at a Search Engine.

The keywords above will cover a wide variety of queries:


Written by Dane Scott

People love pantomimes because they can communicate so cleverly without ever uttering a sound. I find them fascinating. But imagine whatrepparttar world would be like if all our entertainment, conversation, and advertising was done in pantomime. Aside from giving us a new appreciation for clown-white face paint, we'd probably tire of it rather quickly. The truth ofrepparttar 134689 matter is,repparttar 134690 Internet is still very much likerepparttar 134691 great mimist Marcel Marceau. Expressive, colorful, animated, and stone cold silent. Are there exceptions? Certainly. MP3 music sites, some news sites, and a growing number of radio stations are making those little desktop speakers come to life. But forrepparttar 134692 huge majority of sites, including nearly allrepparttar 134693 millions of business sites,repparttar 134694 silence is deafening. Why is that? There are several reasons,repparttar 134695 greatest of which is a simple lack of awareness aboutrepparttar 134696 potential that exists in web audio. Our exposure to audio onrepparttar 134697 web has been so limited up until now that it's difficult to even imagine how to use it. Likewise, most web designers have not been exposed to an understanding of web audio's power and potential, and thus, have never considered recommending it to their clients. Another reason forrepparttar 134698 shortage of audio isrepparttar 134699 huge number of sites which were constructed before web audio was practical, or even a consideration. Why be different? How isrepparttar 134700 addition of audio content valuable to you and your company? It sells. A well-worded, well-produced clip of audio accompanying each clickable product on your site makes those products more exciting, and givesrepparttar 134701 potential purchaser more reasons to buy. It convinces. For example, imaginerepparttar 134702 power of usingrepparttar 134703 actual voices of your customers, telling their own testimonial stories aboutrepparttar 134704 quality of your products and services. It builds image. The style and delivery of a spoken message can make a very personal statement about you as a company. In addition, when your web visitors are greeted by a rich selection of audio options,repparttar 134705 impression it leaves is that your company is a step-ahead. It is an instant distinction between your web site and your competition's, which is unlikely to have any audio whatsoever. It teaches. Our aural receptors stimulate our brain to action in ways our eyes never will. That's why we're tempted to read aloud when faced with a difficult set of instructions. That same phenomenon occurs in all aural messages, making it easier for customers to comprehend value and buy, remote staff to learn overrepparttar 134706 net, clients to understand technical

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