Web Source Web Design Tips - Highlighting Free for All Links

Written by Shelley Lowery

You can userepparttar code below to highlight your link in some free for all sites. This code will not work on all free for all sites, but if you scroll downrepparttar 134699 page and see some links already highlighted, you'll know it works. Instead of typing in your web address, placerepparttar 134700 code below, with your web address, intorepparttar 134701 free for all form.

Web Source Web Design Tips - Using META Tags to Prevent Search Engine Indexing

Written by Shelley Lowery

Meta tags are used to give detailed instructions, in regard to a web page, torepparttar Search Engines and browsers.

Many times, you may have a web page that you don't wantrepparttar 134698 Search Engines to index. To help with this problem, add one ofrepparttar 134699 following codes betweenrepparttar 134700 and tags of your HTML.

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