Web Source Web Design Tips - Don't Forget Your META tags

Written by Shelley Lowery

When designing a website, make sure you include proper META tags inrepparttar HTML of each page. META tags are HTML code that enablerepparttar 134711 search engines to determine what keywords are relevant to a specific site.

About 80 percent of all web site traffic originates from repparttar 134712 eight major search engines. It would be a good idea to make sure you've done your homework and fully understand how to optimize your web pages prior to designing your website. This will save you a lot of headaches inrepparttar 134713 long run.

Yahoo - http://www.yahoo.com/

AltaVista - http://www.altavista.com/av/content/addurl.htm/ Hotbot - http://www.hotbot.com/addurl.asp/ Lycos - http://www.lycos.com/addasite.html/

How To Make Your Site Visitors Do What You Want Them To Do!

Written by Jody Hatton

Quick! hink about your website. If I were to pop out of your screen inrepparttar next few seconds and ask you why you've got one, and what its purpose is, would you be able to tell me onrepparttar 134710 spot?

Every site has a purpose, and every site owner has a goal. Regardless of whether you're selling products, information, or nothing at all, you want your visitor to reaprepparttar 134711 benefits of visiting your site. In an ideal situation, you'd be right beside your site visitor showing them where to click and what to do. This isn't always possible, so read on and let me show you:

How To Make Your Visitors Do What You Want Them To Do!

Let's say you're in a mall with $50 in your hand and want to buy some T-shirts. You come across a store that has a huge sign blockingrepparttar 134712 doorway, upon whichrepparttar 134713 company's logo is prominently and proudly displayed. Looking around atrepparttar 134714 other stores, you think, "This is ridiculous! I'm here to buy t-shirts, not look at a fancy logo." Still a little curious, you moverepparttar 134715 sign aside and have a peek inside. On one rack, you see that women's pants are onrepparttar 134716 same rack as men's overcoats. The mannequins are all wearing strange assortments of clothes that clearly do not match, while everywhere there are banner ads for completely unrelated products hanging fromrepparttar 134717 ceiling. At this point, you promptly step back fromrepparttar 134718 doorway and walk to another store which has been laid out better.

Sadly enough, this isrepparttar 134719 exact same way 90% ofrepparttar 134720 world's business-oriented websites work. If you want your viewers to buy from you, to contact you, or to simply sit and enjoy your site, you've got to plan it properly!

1) It's The Headline They Should See First.

If you getrepparttar 134721 newspaper delivered to your door every day, you'll notice there are three things you'll look at first: The headline,repparttar 134722 photo onrepparttar 134723 front page, andrepparttar 134724 area aboverepparttar 134725 paper's logo which showsrepparttar 134726 featured articles ofrepparttar 134727 day. In your case,repparttar 134728 publisher has already maderepparttar 134729 sale and wants you to continue buying their papers because you enjoy reading them, sorepparttar 134730 headlines are there to get you to dig in. Inrepparttar 134731 case of people walking by a newsstand,repparttar 134732 paper is designed in such a way so thatrepparttar 134733 headlines or photos will grab their attention.

Your site should be laid outrepparttar 134734 same way. Are you selling products? Make sure you've got a headline or banner saying any one ofrepparttar 134735 following: "Sale! Click Here to Save!" or "Buy one, get one free! Click for Details!" or "50% off! Click Here!"

Are you selling information? Try these headlines on for size: "Get 10 FREE reports when you sign up for our newsletter!" "Click here for details on 3 FREE courses that will help you build your online business!"

Or are you selling dreams? It's allrepparttar 134736 same: your headline MUST be speaking to your viewer directly and it MUST imply immediate action. "Are you broke? Don't wait another minute! Click here to find out how you can make money from home!"

2) Use Graphics To Your Advantage.

Many sites have graphics on them just forrepparttar 134737 sake of having graphics, be it a fancy logo, buttons that change color when you move your mouse over them, sometimes even animated images that have nothing to do withrepparttar 134738 site itself.

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