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Your Web Site - Do It Yourself? or Get Serious!

Written by Mike Jones

FACT: Your web site appearance can make you thousands of dollars OR it can kill your business - DEAD!

Why is it so crucial? Given a choice of restaurant, which one would you enter? The one withrepparttar entrance under construction,repparttar 134686 bizarre color scheme andrepparttar 134687 hand written menu? Orrepparttar 134688 one with an immaculately dressed host standing inrepparttar 134689 doorway welcoming you to a table where evenrepparttar 134690 color ofrepparttar 134691 menu coordinates withrepparttar 134692 rest ofrepparttar 134693 decor which is, well, just right?

Lesson:repparttar 134694 first impression has tremendous IMPACT on how visitors to your site perceive it from there on. The exit is only a click away forrepparttar 134695 unimpressed!

Take a minute to review my story and see if it rings a bell with you. Above all, learn a VERY important lesson:

I started onrepparttar 134696 internet about a year ago full of enthusiasm to get my first web site up and running. I dabbled with FrontPage. The first results were encouraging - so I thought. Then I started noticing other web sites out there - professional ones. Hmmm. Now I was not quite so content. Compared to some other sites I saw,repparttar 134697 whole thing began to look rather 'amateurish'. After countless frustrating hours fiddling with various programs, kickingrepparttar 134698 computer and feeling more and more frustrated, my site still looked likerepparttar 134699 work of a greenhorn!

I likedrepparttar 134700 color scheme of black, red and orange for some reason. After a couple of months some thoughtful person who had visited my site sent a brief message: "Sorry to say, I could hardly read a word on your site! Your body text is orange, one ofrepparttar 134701 worst choices you can make!" I was shocked. The page looked so nice in my Internet Explorer window. So orange was a big mistake! Time for a redesign.

OK. Off we go again. I changedrepparttar 134702 colors to red and grey withrepparttar 134703 body text in a dark grey. Very smart I thought. After hours and hours laying out many pages and formattingrepparttar 134704 paragraphs I was well pleased withrepparttar 134705 results. I came across a copy of Netscape's browser and decided to install it to see how my site looked to a large chunk ofrepparttar 134706 internet community who did not use Internet Explorer. HORROR! What a mess! The page that looked good in IE4 was totally disjointed in Netscape. The paragraphs were all uneven andrepparttar 134707 tables didn't even line up. Picasso would have been proud!

My dissatisfaction was growing. On top of that, I read a comment from a savvy internet entrepreneur who said there was only one design program he was aware of which delivered clean html code which looked good in all browsers. Which one? Dreamweaver from Macromedia. Gulp! You mean I had spentrepparttar 134708 last four months sweating with FrontPage only to be told thatrepparttar 134709 design program of choice is a different one? Could I stomach another sharp and tedious learning curve?

Around this time I received an interesting offer from a guy named Micah Cranman. He owns a web design firm, Sybren Design and is also a subscriber to my ezine The High Achievers Journal. He had taken a look at my site and suggested a total reorganization. I was skeptical. After all, I had given birth to this thing, we were bonded, it was mine! Anyway, his offer sounded good so I accepted.

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