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Written by Shelley Lowery

You can add an image background to your table cells by adding BACKGROUND="yourimage.gif" to your

Prophesying Profit in CyberSpace . . .

Written by Philippa Gamse

Business owners can be rushed into creating Web sites, perhaps because "my competition has one", or because "it'srepparttar hot thing right now".

But, as with any aspect of your business, some preliminary thinking will help to maximizerepparttar 134701 return on your investment in this key part of your marketing mix.

Here are seven key issues to consider fromrepparttar 134702 outset:

1. Are your markets online?

Who are your customers, and are they currently usingrepparttar 134703 Internet? Try a customer survey if you don't knowrepparttar 134704 answer to this yet.

Alternatively, there may be new markets that you would like to tap, who are already online.

An excellent Web site for researching Internet demographic information is at: http://www.nua.ie/

2. Where is your geographic focus?

Is your operation confined to a local area, or can it have national or even international appeal?

It is not currently possible to restrict display of Web pages within geographic boundaries (e.g. "only Illinois"). So if your business is only local, or you only serverepparttar 134705 U.S., you should state that clearly onrepparttar 134706 site, otherwise you may receive leads and orders that you can't fulfill.

3. What arerepparttar 134707 specific goals of your site?

What outcomes do you want fromrepparttar 134708 visitors to your site? Will you be selling product online, or are you generating leads for a product or service? Do you want visitors to leave their contact details? If so, how will you encourage them to do this? Do you have a newsletter that they can subscribe to, or a competition, or a free offer of some kind?

And don't forget your existing customers. Will your site also be providing ongoing support and education for these clients?

4. How will you engage your visitors?

Remember that your Web site may berepparttar 134709 first and only contact that a prospect has with your business. Make their experience as close as possible to actually speaking with you.

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