Web Site Templates and Thier Benefits

Written by J Hancock

Unarguably,repparttar most important part of your website is content. To draw in clients or customers, you need captivating content and search engines are blind to web design. They only see content. The images, structure and colors of your website go outrepparttar 146580 window when it comes to search engine placement, which we all know isrepparttar 146581 single best traffic generator. Your web design is really only a shell that makes your content look pretty. Don’t get me wrong, your site’s design can be very important. People are influenced by colors they see, andrepparttar 146582 quality of your design lends credibility to your brand-image.

So why are so many people spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for someone to build them a custom shell for their content? The answer is simple: because they don’t know about web site templates. Or maybe more accurately: they know about templates, but don't know how to utilize them. Did you know that many web designers actually buy web site templates that they then customize to meet their clients needs?

A website template isrepparttar 146583 fastest, easiest, and most cost effective path to building your website. Where custom design can take weeks or months to finish, and can run you inrepparttar 146584 thousands of dollars, web templates are relatively inexpensive, and can be ready to publish in a matter of days. Many high-quality templates are available for under $100.

There are a few different options for finding web templates. There are membership based dealers that offer a öne-time or monthly subscription fee which buys yourepparttar 146585 right to download their entire collection. Then there are companies that deal on a one-by-one basis, selling a single template for use with one website. Personally, I findrepparttar 146586 one-by-one type companies offer much higher quality designs. Not to mentionrepparttar 146587 aspect of exclusivity. If ten thousand people subscribe to a membership based template company, and one thousand of them likerepparttar 146588 XYZ template, how many websites are going to look exactlyrepparttar 146589 same? You dorepparttar 146590 math.

A film review

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

For those who have seenrepparttar movie “Disclosure”, they would have seen workplace harassment in a different light. The movie is based from John Grisham’s book ofrepparttar 146379 same title. The story is about a hard-working employee in line for a top position inrepparttar 146380 company. He later found out thatrepparttar 146381 position which was supposed to be his was given to another, a woman, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend who still has a thing for him. It goes on to evolve with her seducing him, and telling itrepparttar 146382 other way around when he refused to be seduced. And he shouting sexual harassment but no one believes. It continues on with manipulations and betrayals, and finallyrepparttar 146383 truth surfaces inrepparttar 146384 end…

What isrepparttar 146385 point ofrepparttar 146386 story? It basically tells about sexual harassment inrepparttar 146387 workplace, with a twist. As opposed torepparttar 146388 usual cases,repparttar 146389 man isrepparttar 146390 victim here. It is rare forrepparttar 146391 man to berepparttar 146392 victim but it happens. Everyone can berepparttar 146393 victim. In this case, power is used to be able to get away withrepparttar 146394 action done. The ones inrepparttar 146395 position isrepparttar 146396 one who gets away with these crimes as seen on books and movies. Stories like this are mostly based on reality. Making it known to people these instances happens and will continue to.

This does not only happen in books and films. This and other similar cases of harassment really inrepparttar 146397 workplace, in real life. It can be noted that in some of these cases, employees tend to just keep quiet about these things because of fear of losing their jobs that supports them and their families. Others are even being paid off to keep quiet. Some are threatened maybe. Whateverrepparttar 146398 reason is,repparttar 146399 victim cannot always have justice done. Those that seek it do not always get fair results.

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