Web Site Promotion-Advertising Your Website For Profits.

Written by Tom Worsley

Making money with your web site isrepparttar dream and goal of millions of webmasters all overrepparttar 140531 internet including myself. In order to reach this goal you need a variety of web site promotions running all atrepparttar 140532 same time.

Search engine optimization is still my number one traffic generator. I receive more traffic from Google than any other source onrepparttar 140533 internet. But it is becoming increasingly more and more difficult to achieve a top ten placement on Google or any other search engine asrepparttar 140534 internet grows and more webmasters compete forrepparttar 140535 same key words. There once was a time when I could rely on Google to provide me with allrepparttar 140536 traffic I needed but not any more. I need to promote and advertise my web site elsewhere if I expect to continue receiving good quality traffic to my web site.

Writing articles like this one is just one ofrepparttar 140537 ways I use to promote my web site. There are literally thousands of sites onrepparttar 140538 internet that will allow you to submit articles such as this one. Your article will remain in their database or directory and as long as you allow re-print instructions along with your author bio you may also see your article on other sites that you did not even submit to. Make sure your web site URL is in your author bio and make surerepparttar 140539 URL is active. Some sites will only post your article with static URL’s which will not be quite as effective. You can also use anchor text for your URL to help your search engine rankings. Use your targeted key words as your anchor text and you should see an increase in your search engine optimization efforts.

Number three on my list of web site promotions requires some cash. The majority of people I talk to about getting good quality traffic to a web site all want to do it for FREE without any advertising dollars spent. Although it is possible to promote a web site for FREE with no money, I highly recommend some form of pay per click campaign using Google adwords or Yahoo search marketing (formerly Overture). There are also a host of other smaller pay per click engines that I have used inrepparttar 140540 past including Findwhat and 7Search.

Press releases onrepparttar 140541 internet are gaining in popularity recently and you can actually get a press release published and listed on Google and Yahoo news search within 24 hours. For guidelines and how to get published visitrepparttar 140542 following web page. http://www.prweb.com/

RSS more effective than email

Written by Allan Burns

Long have I been proclaimingrepparttar effectiveness of RSS as a communications channel for non personal communications over that of email. The protection and anonymity that RSS can offer over email means that it is fast becomingrepparttar 140500 preferred medium for many users. It seems visitors to your site now put more trust in RSS as they are five times more likely to subscribe to an RSS feed as they are torepparttar 140501 equivalent information via email.

A recent article from Rok Hrastnik at Marketing Studies shows that there is greater trust in RSS over email as well as RSS being more effective at attracting visitors back to your site. Over a 48 hour period it was shown thatrepparttar 140502 average CTR from feed to site was 23 percent. That means that nearly a quarter ofrepparttar 140503 readers of your RSS message click through back to your main site.

Rok's report also shows that there is a 6.8 percent average CTR from a content item in your feed torepparttar 140504 web page thatrepparttar 140505 content item points to. Better still isrepparttar 140506 results that show a 150 percent CTR from your feed torepparttar 140507 site within a 30 day period. That means on average each subscriber of your RSS feed clicks through to your site one and a half times each month.

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