Web Site Promoting 101

Written by Bill Daugherty

This article is in response torepparttar scores of emails I continuously receive from new web entrepreneurs. Their common theme is: They are new to Internet marketing. They either have a new business of their own or they have signed on as an affiliate for some wonderful new product or service, but they're not getting anywhere. They want to know how to get things going.

My first inclination is to send themrepparttar 125262 following three words of advice: advertise, advertise, advertise. I know that's too trite for most people's taste, but it's great advice. However I'm sure such an answer would spur many more emails with questions such as; Where? How? How often? When? Really? So, I give them a more detailed answer that I have come to call my Web Site Promoting 101 Reply which always goes something like this.

Dear Frustrated,

Several years ago,repparttar 125263 founder of Wrigley Chewing Gum was on a flight from New York to his home in Chicago. The passenger inrepparttar 125264 next seat recognizedrepparttar 125265 chewing gum tycoon and asked him a question. "Mr. Wrigley, I know your company enjoys over 90% ofrepparttar 125266 chewing gum market. Yet, last week I read where you are increasing your advertising budget by over 30%. With such a large share ofrepparttar 125267 market, why do you continue to spend so much on advertising? Why not save that money or use it for something else?"

Mr. Wrigley replied, "how fast do you think this airplane is flying?" The man answered,"oh, I guess about 600 miles per hour." Mr. Wrigley responded. "I think that's fast enough, don't you?" The man agreed that indeed, it was fast enough. "Well then," asked Mr. Wrigley, "why doesn'trepparttar 125268 pilot turn offrepparttar 125269 engines and save all that expensive jet fuel?"


Written by Riyaj Shaik

Website promotion is an art. As a webmaster, I spend most of my time promoting my sites. Without a big budget you cannot promote a site overnight. Most webmasters don't have a big budget. So, they have to do itrepparttar hard way. * Keep promoting it day in and day out. * Try different options. * Use trial and error to determine what works. * Spend countless hours to arrive at good places to promoterepparttar 125261 site. Overrepparttar 125262 years I have promoted my sites at hundreds, if not thousands, of different places online, some good, some not so good. I want to share with yourepparttar 125263 10 best places to promote your site so that you won't spend as many hours as I have in finding them.Before You Start Promoting Your Site Be sure to create and include Meta tags on every page. Also, don't use all ofrepparttar 125264 free submit utilities onrepparttar 125265 same day since many of them submit torepparttar 125266 same search engines. Wait at least one week before you userepparttar 125267 next utility. You may want to open an email account on hotmail or another ofrepparttar 125268 free email services and use that email address if you plan to submit to free for all links since many send a confirmation email, or add you to a mailing list. The Big Ten 1. Self-Promotion: This isrepparttar 125269 best place to start promoting your site. And best of all it is free to use. However, for only $10, you can have your data stored for one year so that you can promote your site over and over without retypingrepparttar 125270 information. Self-promotion allows you to promote your site to over 400 different search engines, indexes, business directories, international indexes, directories and awards. http://www.selfpromotion.com 2. Jim Tools: This is another free utility that promotes your site to 400 search engines and indexes and over 200 Free-For-All (FFA) links pages. Do not use Self-Promotion and Jim Tools inrepparttar 125271 same week since many ofrepparttar 125272 search engines and indices are same. Compared to Self-Promotion, Jim Tools takes a lot less time to submit to 400 search engines and indexes. http://www.jimtools.com The two free utilities above let you submit one URL to 400 different search engines and indices at a time. However, in some cases submitting your home page URL alone isn't enough. You have to "deep submit" your site. Deep submit is nothing more than submitting each and every page of your site. If you have 100 pages in your site, then you must userepparttar 125273 above free, utilities 100 times to submit all of them. (Deep submission is possible with Self-Promotion's paid service.) But don't worry. You can userepparttar 125274 following deep submit utilities to submit multiple URLs atrepparttar 125275 same time. 3. Associate-it Free Submit: This free utility lets you submit allrepparttar 125276 pages in your site at one time to 24 major search engines. Allrepparttar 125277 submissions are done in real time, you can watchrepparttar 125278 submission results as they happen. Depending onrepparttar 125279 speed of your Internet connection andrepparttar 125280 number of different pages you are submitting, this may take any where between three minutes to a few hours. The good thing is that you can startrepparttar 125281 submission and then surfrepparttar 125282 Net as usual in a different browser window. http://www.associate-it.com/html/main/300free/ 4. The Promoter: This is similar to Associate-it Free Submit, but it will submit multiple URLs to 800 search engines, indices, FFA pages, classifieds, etc. at one time. This works much like Associate-it Free Submit. You can start

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