Web Site Management: Statistics

Written by Richard Lowe

Statistics are your most important resource! Used properly, web site statistics will tell you who is visiting your site, where they came from, what search engines they used, their browser types and even their monitor resolutions.

These statistics are critical for your survival as a webmaster. You MUST know what's going on with your site. Is it being visited and who is visiting it? What pages are people visiting? These are essential statistics that you must watch carefully and often.

Why? To improve your site and it's ability to fulfill it's purpose. You've put a lot of work into creating a site and you want it to accomplish some goal. In order to know if you are achievingrepparttar goal, you must look at what's going on.

I guessrepparttar 131974 first question a webmaster asks is "is anyone visiting my site at all?" A hit counter fulfills this need nicely. You can create a simple one with CGI, you can use a built-in feature if you use Frontpage 2000, or you can use any number of free or almost free hit counters available all overrepparttar 131975 web.

Forrepparttar 131976 more complex questions I would recommend a good statistics package. If you are running your own server you have it made - lots of tools are available. Otherwise, you would be best served to use one ofrepparttar 131977 free services available. Some good ones are listed below.

- Hitbox - Counter.Com

Has your site been crash tested?

Written by Robin Porter

Are you absolutely certain that everything on your site works correctly?

We recently hadrepparttar following unfortunate experience. After focusing heavily on marketing, we launched a new marketing campaign. Soon we had an irate email. A gentleman pointed out he could not getrepparttar 131972 free download nor could he place an order. We had already received orders, so we were just about to dismiss this asrepparttar 131973 writings of a computer illiterate, who probably had trouble turningrepparttar 131974 thing on, when we decided to check it out.

And to my horror he was right! We have two identical sites, with different domain names, and I had just spent a small fortune promoting one of them, to find it was not possible to place an order! It took only a few minutes to findrepparttar 131975 problem – wrong links torepparttar 131976 order page. I had checked this before, but somehowrepparttar 131977 page was subsequently changed and uploaded. He later informed me thatrepparttar 131978 free download was not downloading, despite a free bonus (a "thankyou" for bringing it to my attention) downloading perfectly well.

We tried –and again, he was right! We couldn’t seerepparttar 131979 problem, so we just uploaded a "fresh" version, and it worked. I don’t even want to think how many customers we might of lost – most people will just abandon your site, rather than takerepparttar 131980 time to let you know something is wrong. So this chap could have saved us a fortune – so I sent him a free bonus! He was as pleased as punch, and I was grateful that someone out there tookrepparttar 131981 time to pointrepparttar 131982 problems out. He is my best customer – he hasn’t purchased anything, but he saved me from losing dozens of potential customers, who would simply "surf" elsewhere when things didn’t work.

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