Web Site Hosting Plan - Key Elements

Written by Brian Thorn

What arerepparttar key elements in a good web host package? The answer to that question depends mainly onrepparttar 143686 service you expect fromrepparttar 143687 web host provider. To decide what you need, you'll need to have at least a brief understanding ofrepparttar 143688 typical services and features offered by web hosting companies.

The number of e-mail accounts available might be one ofrepparttar 143689 key elements in a good web host package. If your ability to send and receive e-mail is important, you'll want to carefully consider whether a particular web host package includes enough e-mail accounts to accommodate that need. Some companies tout unlimited e-mail accounts and depending on your specific needs, this might be a very favorable element of a potential host company. If you are a businessperson, remember that it's possible your company will grow inrepparttar 143690 future. While you might need to only establish one or two e-mail accounts now, consider what your future needs could be. It would probably be difficult to change hosts later if you find that you need additional (even unlimited?) e-mail accounts.

Which brings up another ofrepparttar 143691 key elements in a good web host package. If you are establishing a connection with a web host provider for business purposes, consider your provider's ability to grow with your business. The last thing you want to do is start with a company that will be unable to keep up as your business grows. Changing companies later is always an option, but that transition is not likely to be without problems.

UNIX vs. Windows- What server operating system should you use for your web hosting?

Written by Tim Shaw

So youíve decided to create a website? The most obvious thing that you need is of course web hosting. Among other things, like cost and features, youíll need to decide which server youíll need: Windows (NT, 2000 or XP) or Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc.). Both have their merits, sorepparttar first thing you should think about when making this decision is if you are looking for stability, or ease of use. UNIX based servers are generally superior inrepparttar 143252 site up-time and stability areas than Windows systems. However, while they need to be rebooted more often, Windows servers are generally easier to administer and use. Many beginners to web hosting will be confused overrepparttar 143253 pros and cons ofrepparttar 143254 different operating systems. While, Unix is more stable and secure it uses a command line interface for administration. This interface, which is likerepparttar 143255 original MS-DOS interface, can be difficult to understand to a website newbie. Also, in order to keep a UNIX machine stable, one must updaterepparttar 143256 kernel and software regularly, a process which is more difficult than Windows. This however, can be made just as easy to do if your web host has good administration software.

Another thing to consider when choosing which operating system to use is whether you will be using scripting. If so what kind? For example, if you will be using a dynamic site, and decide that you want to go Perl as your language of choice then UNIX should be your operating system of choice. This is also true for languages such as PHP, and Pythlon. Onrepparttar 143257 other hand, if you choose to go for an ASP based site then you should choose Windows. However, to complicaterepparttar 143258 matter further some UNIX systems can run ASP scripts, althoughrepparttar 143259 quality ofrepparttar 143260 script execution can be lesser.

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