Web Site Hosting – An Easy Guide

Written by Calin Indre

Web Hosting – Made Simple

What is web hosting anyway? What do I get when I buy a web hosting solution?

To make thing clear from start let’s just say how it all works.

Web pages basically consist of text and images. Generically,repparttar information contained by these files is called content. The look ofrepparttar 105951 web page is called design.

In order to be accessible to online users, all these files must be stored on a web server. You can think of web servers as computers storingrepparttar 105952 files of tens or hundreds of web sites. These computers are all connected torepparttar 105953 Internet through high-speed connection.

When you access a web page, your browser connects torepparttar 105954 web server that stores that page and downloads it to your computer.

So a web server is a must when you plan to share your web site content with online users viarepparttar 105955 Internet.

There are thousands of web servers inrepparttar 105956 world, and there are companies that own them. Such a company is called web-hosting provider. A web-hosting provider can have dozens of web servers hosting thousands of web sites. The web server computers are found usually in large numbers and are all housed in special buildings or sections of buildings called data center.

Apart fromrepparttar 105957 high-speed Internet connection, these locations are set up to ensurerepparttar 105958 optimum operational conditions and security forrepparttar 105959 web servers. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) control, fire protection, virus protection, data backup facility, power backup, even autonomy in case of disaster. Another term forrepparttar 105960 web servers inrepparttar 105961 data center is a web farm.

To be able to run your site properly you need a space onrepparttar 105962 web server to store your data and an Internet connection to it. The amount of data available to you on a web server is simply referred as space and is usually quantified in MB.

The Internet connection needed so that your web site can be accessed online is referred as bandwidth and is also measured in MB or even GB. Havingrepparttar 105963 glimpse ofrepparttar 105964 basics, it must be said that different web-hosting providers offer different space and bandwidth. Space and bandwidth are usuallyrepparttar 105965 main characteristics of a web-hosting plan.

The terminology associated with web hosting can be quite dazzling: virtual web hosting, dedicated hosting; co-locating hosting, shared hosting reseller hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting or virtual web hosting are two terms forrepparttar 105966 same thing.

Shared web hosting means that on a web server are hosted many web sites that all have a defined quota of HDD space and bandwidth. They all run simultaneously and there can be from hundreds to thousands of web sites onrepparttar 105967 same web server.

Givenrepparttar 105968 high number of web sites should you worry about exceedingrepparttar 105969 performance ofrepparttar 105970 web server, issue better known as slow server response, meaning that your visitors will have to wait too long for your web pages to load.

That is usually not a real problem when dealing with serious web hosting providers, becauserepparttar 105971 operational parameters ofrepparttar 105972 web servers are monitored and appropriate actions will be taken in order to maintainrepparttar 105973 level of service contracted.

The greater number of web sites sharingrepparttar 105974 resources of a web server (HDD space, bandwidth, memory, CPU time),repparttar 105975 web hosting provider can afford to offer its services at a lower cost. A minus would be that, even with high level of service, you will have to accept a slower server response time when choosing shared web hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting : The Executive Summary

Written by Rodel Garcia

What is Dedicated Web Hosting? Dedicated web hosting can alleviaterepparttar need to share hardware or software with any other sites or web pages. Webmasters are givenrepparttar 105950 autonomy to decide on applications that are installed onrepparttar 105951 server to create specific configurations for their web needs, and haverepparttar 105952 ability to provide a secure environment for their site. As compared to a shared-server environment, dedicated web hosting offers a peace of mind that a site will be delivered in a reliable and secure manner.

There are major benefits of dedicated web hosting, as discussed below. However,repparttar 105953 major disadvantage, cost, is quickly being overcome. Because of continual growth inrepparttar 105954 dedicated web hosting industry,repparttar 105955 rates for dedicated server plans are rapidly declining. A competitive environment drives uprepparttar 105956 level of service and decreases cost. This reduction is powered by an increase in small and medium-sized businesses gaining an online presence andrepparttar 105957 rapid proliferation of web hosting providers.

Advantages: Dedicated server hosting is favorable because of 2 major assets: control and reliability.

Since a dedicated web administrator has more control over a dedicated server, it tends to be more secure, compared to a shared web server. By knowing what exactly is installed on a dedicated server through full root access, a system administrator is able to confidently make decisions onrepparttar 105958 software and application updates necessary to maintainrepparttar 105959 dedicated web server and keep it running in its most optimal configuration.

Increased reliability is another major asset of dedicated server web hosting, as a server administrator hasrepparttar 105960 self-sufficiency to optimize page loads by tweaking variables such as page load speed and general server resource allocation. This server reliability translates to customer satisfaction and an increase inrepparttar 105961 bottom line goals of a web site’s presence.

Disadvantages: Whilerepparttar 105962 benefits of dedicated web server hosting is apparent,repparttar 105963 bottom line consideration, especially for business purposes is cost. Dedicated web hosting is significantly more expensive compared to shared or virtual web hosting, and until recently, could most commonly be quoted at several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month. Although cost may still be exorbitant, most businesses are able to justifyrepparttar 105964 use of dedicated servers through a true web analysis to weighrepparttar 105965 resources necessary to run applications and code. Another drawback isrepparttar 105966 need to be able to monitor, install, upgrade and configure programs, add sites, deal with potential hacks, and troubleshoot systems. Therefore,repparttar 105967 necessary system administration skills, if one does not possess them, may definitely inhibitrepparttar 105968 successful implementation of a web site hosted on a dedicated web server.

Benefits: The direct benefits of a dedicated web hosting plan surroundrepparttar 105969 ability to totally administer a web server. The advantage to be able to effectively maintain a dedicated server lies in one’s ability to controlrepparttar 105970 variables associated with reliability and stability. In a dedicated environment, server overload, malicious scripts from other users, and too many installed applications are variables which can be controlled, as compared to this loss of management in shared server hosting.

Furthermore, a dedicated server allows one to only install applications or software that applies torepparttar 105971 major hosting goal at hand. Conversely, shared web hosting has installed software that may or may not be related torepparttar 105972 web hosting goals.

Reliance onrepparttar 105973 web host repair services and time delays of platform repairs can be minimized, as one may intervene and provide solutions to existing problems with dedicated web hosting. Havingrepparttar 105974 option to add patches, upgrade software, or tweak performance is invaluable and allowsrepparttar 105975 dedicated server administrator to work with 24 hour access to perform adjustments, corrections, or updates.

Lastly, speed of downloads can be determined throughrepparttar 105976 amount of bandwidth that is dedicated to just your website. Statistically, visitors will quickly leave a site ifrepparttar 105977 load time was long. Dedicated servers allow quick delivery of web pages, which increasesrepparttar 105978 probability of keeping web site visitors on a site that may convert them to paying customers. Furthermore, quick loading pages enhancerepparttar 105979 company’s image and may encourage existing customers to refer your web-based services to others. What isrepparttar 105980 best application of a dedicated web hosting service provider? Utility of a dedicated server environment is best suited to those with a working knowledge of server operating systems and those who don’t mind troubleshooting problems which may arise.

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