Web Hosting - Look Before You Leap

Written by Tom Stone

Website hosting usually involves basically renting space on a “server” or another computer set up to publishrepparttar content of your website onto, providing fast and safe methods for your customers to retrieverepparttar 134389 information from, for viewing on their computers. The numbers of available packages are staggering, and frankly overwhelming to try to sort through forrepparttar 134390 best choice. Prepare yourself for creative applications ofrepparttar 134391 word “free”, a lot of size-comparisons about bandwidth, hard drive space, page hits, etc. Whilerepparttar 134392 hosting specs definitely should matter, most basic hosting plans are going to be enough to support any basic website. The more imminent concern with choosing your host should berepparttar 134393 fact that you’re going to entrust them a lot more than you may realize up front. Of course, your information is important. But hey, you WANT people to see it, right? Then, there’s your customers’ information. And then there’s little things likerepparttar 134394 fact that small business servers have opened up such a gaping security threat for

Are You Master of Your Own Domain?

Written by Kate Smalley

This is an important topic for anyone who currently has a website and domain name, as well as for anyone interested in building an internet identity. I am sharing not only from personal experience (I have five active websites online at this time) but from my business, Connecticut Secretary, andrepparttar projects I have been involved with in creating and building websites for my customers.

Oftentimes customers will approach me after they have already chosen a domain name. What I investigate first is who actually owns that domain name. I no longer askrepparttar 134388 customer directly, because 99.9% ofrepparttar 134389 timerepparttar 134390 response is always "I do!" when in fact many of them unwittingly do not. Determining this is an easy step; you simply go to an independent domain registrar such as Register.com, http://www.register.com, and type inrepparttar 134391 domain name and choose whois whenrepparttar 134392 results pop up. Feel free to go and type in connecticutsecretary.com and choose whois. You will see that I, Kate Smalley, am listed asrepparttar 134393 owner and administrative contact for Connecticut Secretary. The technical contact is simplyrepparttar 134394 hosting service I have chosen.

The problem we run into is when individuals have chosen to purchase their domain name through a hosting service at a discounted rate. The hosting service isrepparttar 134395 company that purchases and owns your domain name, and in essence you sometimes just end up renting it along with your hosting service. This is a great way forrepparttar 134396 hosting company to ensure continued business. Think about if, inrepparttar 134397 future, you decide to change hosting services. Who do you think you will have to contact to have your domain redirected to another hosting provider? How anxious do you think they will be to provide service to you? How quickly do you feel they will redirect your url? What will happen if they forget to renew your domain name and someone else obtains control and ownership of it? What happens if that hosting company goes out of business? I have seen it happen. To take this conversation one step further, there are now hosting companies that will purchaserepparttar 134398 domain in your name, so you arerepparttar 134399 official owner, but they still retain control over your usage ofrepparttar 134400 account. An important point to remember is that ownership of an account as well as havingrepparttar 134401 ability to userepparttar 134402 account are important features when deciding how to purchase your domain name. "...in essence you sometimes just end up renting... "

I am not saying this is a fact with all hosting companies; I only ask you to consider it for your own well-being and future viability onrepparttar 134403 internet. Purchasing a domain name yourself is only a matter of spending a few extra dollars per year, and is well worthrepparttar 134404 security of knowing you arerepparttar 134405 owner andrepparttar 134406 one in control of your domain. Considerrepparttar 134407 amount of work that you have put in to targeting and obtaining traffic throughrepparttar 134408 search engines on your keywords and search terms. Think about allrepparttar 134409 business you will loose if you have to start over again with a new domain name from scratch.

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