Web Hosting: To Switch or to Stay?

Written by Joelene Wickens Orlando

Web Hosting: To Switch or to Stay?

Author: Joelene Wickens Orlando

Thatís a question that can only be answered by you. Depending on your current status and relationship you have with your provider, along with your evolving business objectives and needs, can determine what course of action to pursue. What are your issues and concerns? Ask yourself some basic questions and see where you stand after youíve answered them. -Are you no longer satisfied with your current provider? -Did they deliver onrepparttar level of services that you signed up for? -Has technical support and customer service been to your satisfaction? -Or has your business grown considerably, andrepparttar 134400 hosting company cannot provide you withrepparttar 134401 level of capability and technical support you require?

Technically speaking, if youíre looking for solutions out of frustration, or even a new web hosting provider, youíre either very unsatisfied withrepparttar 134402 service, or you find that they cannot provide yourepparttar 134403 service you are looking for to handle your business. Switching isnít always a bad thing to do, especially if your business isnít doing well with that one particular provider. Itís time to move on and get your online presence back on track. Unfortunately, for every good thing, there is a negative side. The flip side of finding a new provider is that youíre back at square one. Before you decide, whether to stay or switch, do some research and find some indicators to help you make a sound decision.

The last thing you want to do is be surprised, even though you may have seenrepparttar 134404 writing onrepparttar 134405 wall with your web host provider, but didnít jump onrepparttar 134406 intuition that something was brewing. If your web host goes under, or doesnít address your technical problems, you could lose sales, and whatís worse; you may not be accessible to users onrepparttar 134407 Internet. A good theory with anything is to have Plan B, to handle those setbacks that could otherwise be devastating to your business. To stay inrepparttar 134408 loop, and on top of your business, here are some things to be onrepparttar 134409 look out for in regards to your web host provider.

-Support is nowhere to be found. This is one big indicator thatrepparttar 134410 provider is having some difficulties withinrepparttar 134411 business. Youíre not getting prompt attention when you call or email with concerns or issues. If they fail to respond to your emails or calls, you have a reason to be concerned. The company may have laid off staff, or is disorganized in processing customer service requests, which could indicate financial difficulties. If you have tried numerous attempts in phoning, or emailing to reach a human person to respond, itís time to find a new host provider before that hosting company goes under. Keep in mind,repparttar 134412 betterrepparttar 134413 support center and technical support;repparttar 134414 more stablerepparttar 134415 web host provider. -Free is not always good. Web hosting companies that offer free services or services of a minimal charge where they cannot make a profit are ones that are generally in trouble. Stay clear of those, and if you started out with one of these Ďfreebiesí, it would be a good idea to find a good reputable paying service. If you havenít run into any problems, consider yourself very lucky. But do decide if you feel comfortable withrepparttar 134416 prospective performance of such a company inrepparttar 134417 long term, and ask yourself howrepparttar 134418 company can turn a profit with no rates or low rates. Always remember, Ďyou get what you pay for.í -Reputation ofrepparttar 134419 Web Host. Withrepparttar 134420 nature ofrepparttar 134421 thousands of web hosting providers online, they are relatively very low profile and you donít really read or hear anything particular about them. But if you find coverage regarding a web host company, make sure itís good stuff; otherwise you know what action to take if itís negative. Stay on top of your web host provider newsletters and articles about changes in management, a buyout, a merger, or layoffs. Be aware of such changes, though certainly not always, result in decreased communication or support forrepparttar 134422 client. If it smells fishy, go with that gut feeling, and find a new host. You can start at http://www.webhostingrebates.com, where they gather allrepparttar 134423 reputable and most trusted hosting companies inrepparttar 134424 industry.

More Profits in Your Website Hosting Business

Written by Raynay Valles

More Profits in Your Website Hosting Business

by: Raynay Valles

If you run a website hosting business, you already knowrepparttar challenges inrepparttar 134399 business. Thousands of competitors are just a click away, ready to undercut your price.

Potential customers see hosting as a commoditiy and shop by price. Several directories like Hostreview, Acehosts and Hostindex make it easy to comparison shop.

How can you get more profits from your business under these conditions?


Calculaterepparttar 134400 lifetime value of your customer. For example, let's sayrepparttar 134401 average customer stays with you for 15 months and pays 16.95 a month. That means their lifetime value to your company is $254.25. So every customer you acquire makes your business (on average) $254.25.

If a visitor comes to your website, then leaves to comparison shop, you have more than likely lost that sale. Have you invested in sales copy that compels your visitors to buy from you? Does your website help him to see that you arerepparttar 134402 best choice for his situation? Showcase your credibility, guarantee services and offer incentives to try your service. Make it easy to buy from you.


Because each customer is hard-won andrepparttar 134403 value ofrepparttar 134404 customer is so high, you'll want to make sure you haverepparttar 134405 support services that keep your customers happy.

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