Web Development Employment & Projects - where and how to find them

Written by Michael Bloch

Asrepparttar Internet develops, more and more web related freelance employment, contracts and tenders are being advertised via this medium rather than traditional print - which only goes to make sense. Employment sites usually contain their fair share of Information Technologies based employment; but so much of this work is now being outsourced by companies - especially web and graphic design/development, eCommerce implementation and software applications programming.

Many sites, such as ours, are now geared up to act as an affiliate networking point for developers, programmers and designers to locate freelance work or contracts for their companies. It's become a highly competitive marketplace where a client can offer a project torepparttar 117841 entire world. Interested parties bid and compete against each other to gain projects. Details of these types of services later in this article.

Not all would-be clients are aware of these services. Some don't even have an Internet connection, let alone a web site. How do you reach these people? As much I hate to admit it,repparttar 117842 best solution is to use your feet (physical exercise...hmm, now there's a concept!). This is one exercise where "walking" throughrepparttar 117843 telephone directory just won't cut it....

As I stroll aroundrepparttar 117844 Central Business District of Adelaide (capital of South Australia), I am still surprised atrepparttar 117845 number of businesses that don't have an online presence; especiallyrepparttar 117846 ones directly involved in Information Technologies. I have called several computer stores asking for their web address, only to be told that it is "currently under development" which tends to mean "we haven't had time to even start on a web site" - or I've visited their sites only to find that they haven't been updated since 1999.

It would be well worthrepparttar 117847 effort to researchrepparttar 117848 stores in your home town to ascertain which businesses do have web sites, and those that do - perhaps they need updating?

With your list of businesses, you could then research them further by investigatingrepparttar 117849 products and services they sell - getting to know them as intimately as possible. Then findrepparttar 117850 appropriate contacts within those businesses and introduce yourself via a professional letter, telephone conversation or meeting. During your initial communication, relayrepparttar 117851 fact that you have knowledge of their product line. Don't go too much forrepparttar 117852 hard sell. Basically state who you are, your background and what you offer. Too much technobabble may frighten prospective clients off and too much hype will probably haverepparttar 117853 same effect. A well worded letter may not see you with a torrent of contract and project offers initially, which is probably a good thing.But you would have sownrepparttar 117854 seeds for future work. Businesses that grow too quickly face as many problems as those that don't grow.

Here is a sample of an initial contact letter:

Dear ,

I visited your store today, and was impressed by your product range. I mainly purchase viarepparttar 117855 Internet and was surprised to find that your business did not yet have an Internet presence - especially sincerepparttar 117856 products/services business> would prove to be very popular in such an environment.

I am a web developer of x years experience, and amrepparttar 117858 proprietor of ; specialising in assisting businesses such as yours in establishing a financially viable Internet presence. My experience covers many sectors including: industry experience, both web based and non-web - as any work history does count in these situations as it is relevant industry experience>

We work closely with our clients, helping them to avoidrepparttar 117860 traps and pitfalls that are associated with taking a business online and have a number of referees who would be happy to attest to that.

The Internet is an excellent medium by which a business such as business again> can increase it's profitability. Many other reputable businesses in your industry are enjoying a greater market share through an international audience; such as:

same type of products and services>

Five Simple Steps to Grow Your Home Biz

Written by edward thorpe

You only need five simple steps to have a successful Home Grown Internet Biz. It's not complicated. In order of importance...

1) Pick a target market.

a) Easiest market online? Biz Opp Seekers.

b) Hardest market online? Biz Opp mlm Seekers.

c) Quickest money online? Biz Opp Seekers.

d) Slowest money online? Biz Opp mlm Seekers.

e) Best long-term money online? Biz Opp mlm Seekers.

2) Develop, buy or join an affiliate program that offers a product/service that solves one or more of your target market's problems.

a) Easiest product/service online? Affiliate programs.

b) Hardest product/service online? Developing your own.

c) Best short-term product online? Affiliate info product.

e) Best long-term product online? Stable mlm program.

3) Get a personal website address that you use to re-direct your prospects to a professionally designed and professionally written sales site that will makerepparttar sale, takerepparttar 117840 order, fulfillrepparttar 117841 order and pay you. (You don't really need to develop your own website... Use a re-direct pages for your affiliate and mlm sites)

a) No explanation needed -- Except --

b) Get an autoresponder system for long-term follow up.

c) Write and test follow up letters for your follow up autoresponder system.

4) Build your own opt-in email list of people from your target market. Let them get to know, like and trust you by repeatedly contacting them with useful info.

a) Write articles directed to helping your target market solve one or more of their problems. Include a resource box atrepparttar 117842 end of your articles that gives your contact info.

b) Send your articles to newsletter publishers that mail their ezine to your target market.

c) Send your articles torepparttar 117843 free to publish ezine lists.

d) Develop and send your own online newsletter to your opt-in list.

e) Advertise your ezine's benefits every opportunity you get.

5) Keep your name in front of that list by repeatedly emailing them something they value.

a) Do a,b, c & d in number 4 above.

b) Include your recommendations aboutrepparttar 117844 products/ services you are offering.

c) Follow up with phone calls to those that ask for more info.

d) If you don't regularly do step c (follow up with phone calls) you shouldn't attempt mlm.

e) TIP: Unless you're a heavy duty marketer, you'll never be able to retire in style...Unless you develop a stable, honest, long-term mlm biz as your major backend.

Your Home Grown Internet Biz Success really is as easy as followingrepparttar 117845 above steps. Will it take you awhile? Yeah. Probably. So what? You have to do it for as long as it takes.

Will it be a lot of work? I don't know. Work is 10 - 12 hours onrepparttar 117846 south end of a pair of mules headed north. This stuff is fun...

For example, among other things, I sell affiliate programs. You can countrepparttar 117847 number of affiliate programs I offer on one hand. Why so few? Because I don't jump onrepparttar 117848 affiliate flavor ofrepparttar 117849 month bandwagon. To protect my reputation, I don't sell new programs that haven't proven themselves. If I wouldn't buy it, I won't sell it.

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