Web Developers can be successful Web Hosting resellers

Written by Candice Humbley

By becoming a reseller, not only can web developers create websites for their clients, but they can provide their clients web hosting, as another studio service. All you need to become a reseller, is to find a web host who: offers multiple website hosting accounts; along with reseller services; and then its up to you to host your clients’ web sites from your own account. Your clients will be happy withrepparttar low fees you can offer; and, you will have yourself a very profitable side business.

So what do you need to be a successful website hosting reseller?

Multiple domain hosting – To become a web hosting reseller,repparttar 134425 first step is to get yourself a multiple domain account. For example, if you take out an account that allows up to 6 websites (or domains), you can use one ofrepparttar 134426 domains for development of your own site; and, still have 5 domains to allocate to your clients sites. All you need to do is pay your regular fee to your web host; then, you can charge your clients what ever you like.

Control Panel – It is preferable to have full administrative control over your client’s web sites. Make sure that, not only does your web host provide you with a control panel that includes full administrative facilities to easily manage your multiple account, but that your host provides your clients with their own control panel too. Most importantly your web host should give yourepparttar 134427 facility to “hide your web hosts identity” so clients are unaware that you are offering a third party service. Ensure that you can customize your clients control panel to suit your own requirements.

Migrating smoothly from one web host to another

Written by Sanjay Sharma

Changing your Web Host can be an expensive, time consuming and difficult practice; beingrepparttar main reason why many dissatisfied customers prefer to stay and put up with an awful hosting service.

During most website migrations, through lack of knowledge or experience, many website owners end up loosing clients and damaging time-built company images, because their sites are unavailable for days or weeks on end. Another problem is loss of emails, some crucial, making migrations very expensive and even dangerous.

Migration from one web host to another is not difficult; it can be fast and safe when one knows whatrepparttar 134424 experts know. By followingrepparttar 134425 steps below you will stand a better chance of a smooth transfer.

The most important start to website migration is finding another web host, one that will not give you reason to migrate again, or soon. A whole book can be written on how to choose a web host; or by searching on ‘choosing a web host’ in a major search engine, there will be many articles available.

The steps below will give you an idea on how to start and how to avoid a lot ofrepparttar 134426 pitfalls.

· First, make a list of allrepparttar 134427 features your website uses or requires, and will require inrepparttar 134428 future, be prepared. · Make a list of web hosts who offer these features; you can find hosts in web hosting directories, message forums, or by searching on a major search engine. · Readrepparttar 134429 information on their websites carefully, specially their terms and conditions. · Avoid any long-term contracts and full-payments in advance. · Ask questions about all things you have a doubt about. · Email their support department at various times (both day and night) and checkrepparttar 134430 response time. · You will find customer reviews on hosts in web hosting directories. (Unfortunately they may not berepparttar 134431 most accurate due to much web host guerilla activity, but greater scrutiny will often help.) · Talk to people in web hosting related message forums; you may find useful information on hosting companies by their existing or past, customers.

Sign-up an account with your new host. Upload all of your files, databases and test your site usingrepparttar 134432 IP address given to you with your new account. Make adjustments inrepparttar 134433 coding, necessary forrepparttar 134434 change inrepparttar 134435 server environment. Then check each and every page, link and image on your website.

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