Web Designing Tips

Written by Pawan Bangar

Web Design Tips:

Easy That's how you'd like life to be, right? Especially when you're creating a website on your own. But that doesn't mean you wantrepparttar site to look severe and just functional. you want it to be pretty , smart and also respond and move when you interact with it, while saying all that you want to say to its visitors . There are little tips and Features incorporated into software just for people like you .

Love what Flash can do but don't know how to use it ? Macromedia thought of you and built a feature into Dream weaver that lets you create cool animated Flash buttons just by entering parameters. Want to have button respond to a mouse-over but have no idea or patience to create one with graphics software? You can make a quick and easy mouse-over button right from within FrontPage. What do you do if you need to optimize 150 images within an hour? No need to panic, image ready can help you out with a little droplet. Check outrepparttar 107763 different tips that make life easier or better for you as a Web designer.

•Animated Flash Button & Macromedia Dream weaver:

Dream weaver lets you create some custom vector graphics from withinrepparttar 107764 software. You can make Flash and embed them into your Web pages. There are different kinds of style that you can choose for these fromrepparttar 107765 available set-play back type of buttons .Arrow shaped button, shopping cart button And so on, or make some of your own.

Making a smart interactive button is simple in Dream weaver, select insert-interactive Image-Flash Button. Formrepparttar 107766 window that opens select different button style by looking atrepparttar 107767 preview image below. Customizerepparttar 107768 buttonrepparttar 107769 way you want it by addingrepparttar 107770 name ofrepparttar 107771 button,repparttar 107772 Font color and font size , then specifyrepparttar 107773 URL thatrepparttar 107774 button has to link to . The button is saved with SWF extension you can previewrepparttar 107775 button in your browser to see if it looksrepparttar 107776 way you want.

•Easy Mouse-Over Buttons :

Mouse-over and Front Page? Oh Yes. The software has quit a few convenient features up its sleeve, one of which is "Hover buttons." Granted, these buttons don't have snazzy graphics they look like typical button blocks, but they react to mouse-over and you can archive it very simply. Here's how.

Select Insert -Web component. inrepparttar 107777 window that opens , select Dynamic Effect inrepparttar 107778 component type and selectrepparttar 107779 Hover Button effect onrepparttar 107780 right . Type inrepparttar 107781 text that should appear onrepparttar 107782 button, choose a font forrepparttar 107783 text, specifyrepparttar 107784 URL to link to on clicking, and selectrepparttar 107785 size and color ofrepparttar 107786 button. Inrepparttar 107787 drop-down menu for Effect, Glow isrepparttar 107788 default selection. Try it - you can selectrepparttar 107789 color ofrepparttar 107790 glow-checkrepparttar 107791 button in preview mode-the button light up when you move your mouse over it. There are several other effects available that are worth checking out, especiallyrepparttar 107792 bevels quite neat!

•Cool Effects With DHTML :

DHTML or Dynamic HTML offers some cool effects that could make your Web pages stand out click? Or your page to load with a transition Effect? DHTML will do this for you along with other little tricks. After you've built your Web page, fromrepparttar 107793 menu bar, select Format-Dynamic HTML Effect. A tool bar appears inrepparttar 107794 work area. Choose an event fromrepparttar 107795 first drop down list. This could be on ‘click' double-click.' Mouse over or page load. Depending onrepparttar 107796 event selected here ,repparttar 107797 next Drop-Down list offersrepparttar 107798 possible effect that can be achieved , This could be a change inrepparttar 107799 color and style ofrepparttar 107800 font if it is text, a border added around it , or in case of an image , you can replacerepparttar 107801 image with another one by a swap .

Most ofrepparttar 107802 effect toggle Meaning if there was a font change on click, another click will changerepparttar 107803 font back to what it was before. However, some effects are one-time likerepparttar 107804 disappearing act of an image or button .you select ‘fly out' fromrepparttar 107805 effects list for this . On ‘page load' you could haverepparttar 107806 selected text drop in word by word, or hop in, spiral in, zoom out, and so on. This is especially useful for advertisements or parts ofrepparttar 107807 page that you want to drawrepparttar 107808 user's attention to.

•Animation In Reverse :

You've made an animation using image Ready-may be a tween of position, opacity or effects or a manually placed and manipulated animation backwards? No need to re-tween or manually placerepparttar 107809 frames backwards; simply click onrepparttar 107810 little arrow inrepparttar 107811 animated palette and select Reverse Frames. You can also create a rubber band effect by copyingrepparttar 107812 forward sequence (small arrow > copy Frames), pasting it atrepparttar 107813 end of sequence (small arrow > Paste Frames > ‘Paste after selection ‘) and then, by selectingrepparttar 107814 newly pasted sequence and applying Reverse Frames on this.

The Database Design Alalysis - Business perspective

Written by Alf Pedersen

The Database Design Analysis phase - Where it all starts.

The business perspective

The analysis phase of our database design website deals withrepparttar early stage of a business system lifecycle. This isrepparttar 107762 phase we enter after strategic requirements are in place: The scope ofrepparttar 107763 system, key technical requirements, andrepparttar 107764 tools for each stage of development, etc. is decided. Economics are most likely also determined.

We may also (most likely) have a rudimentary information model, and we know about key functionality that is required. The main purpose ofrepparttar 107765 analysis phase is to bring all these pieces together to form a business model containing all entities with their attributes, domains and relations, together with a complete function model with its hierarchy, as well as domain constraints (on attributes), business rules (constraints), and events that trigger functions. The output ofrepparttar 107766 analysis stage will be carried over torepparttar 107767 design phase ofrepparttar 107768 development project.

The one most important thing to remember inrepparttar 107769 analysis phase is: Our scope is to determine WHAT should be made, not HOW.

In many projects, I have overheard participants starting to talk about how a given function should behave Colors, buttons, defaults etc. However, all of that belong torepparttar 107770 design phase. You have to stop this at once: The analysis phase is aboutrepparttar 107771 BUSINESS, notrepparttar 107772 SYSTEM. The system shall reflectrepparttar 107773 business, notrepparttar 107774 other way around, as sometimes unfortunately happens.

Actually,repparttar 107775 analysis phase is an excellent time (andrepparttar 107776 right time) to learnrepparttar 107777 business in-depth. I do not insist that you knowrepparttar 107778 business in detail. The business itself knows its business. Therefore, your chances of failure are high without business participation. Onrepparttar 107779 other hand, I have witnessed failure in projects whererepparttar 107780 business wanted to controlrepparttar 107781 whole process alone, and just use 'hired hands' to execute their demands. A balance has to be established.

As with many other things in life, neither to little nor too much of a thing is a good thing.

'Good judgments are based on experience. Experience is based on bad judgments'.

The importance of a professional Database analysis team.

The complexity and degree of computer involvement inrepparttar 107782 business is constantly growing. No wonder; each 18th month, we can buy hardware with twicerepparttar 107783 performance atrepparttar 107784 same price. We are therefore able to put more demands on our software, until we reach some limit. However, it only takes another 18 months; then we can buy new hardware without these limits... and so on.

There is also a good reason for it: We may very well rely on a standard system for our accounting or payroll routines, we can use market standards in word processing and spreadsheets, and so on. What separates a high-performing business from a failure isrepparttar 107785 wayrepparttar 107786 CUSTOMER is reached for, and how he is treated. That is customer marketing and customer care. The customer is alwaysrepparttar 107787 business. If you do not have customers, you do not have a business.

If such a business exists,however, please let me know.

Such systems, systems that giverepparttar 107788 business an advance compared to its competitors, we may call strategic systems. If two businesses buyrepparttar 107789 same strategic system fromrepparttar 107790 shelf, then they do not gain any system advantage towards each other. Onrepparttar 107791 other hand,repparttar 107792 business that is fastest to respond, and deliver, and atrepparttar 107793 same time is competitive, will definitely have an advantage. In a world with rising competition and globalization, this will grow more and more important. Good news forrepparttar 107794 software industry andrepparttar 107795 analysis team...

Inrepparttar 107796 analysis stage, we need an analysis team of both business experiences as well as experienced system analysts. In addition, we need tools that can help us seeingrepparttar 107797 overall picture, as well as helping us further forward.

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