Web Design: Use it to Showcase the Message

Written by Nick Usborne

If you are designing a web site for whichrepparttar achievement of high conversion rates is a priority, focus your design efforts on showcasing and highlightingrepparttar 135209 content and copy.

For sites where conversion rates are a priority,repparttar 135210 primary purpose of design should be to presentrepparttar 135211 message in such a way that it deliversrepparttar 135212 maximum impact.

>> So "good" design doesn't matter?

That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that design serves a function. For an entertainment or arts site that primary function may be to present images in an attractive way. That's fine.

But for a site that is created to generate sales,repparttar 135213 text must come first. Everything...fromrepparttar 135214 architecture ofrepparttar 135215 site to its design must work towards supporting your message and delivering people torepparttar 135216 final checkout page.

>> Sounds obvious. Why makerepparttar 135217 point?

I makerepparttar 135218 point becauserepparttar 135219 presentation ofrepparttar 135220 message is oftenrepparttar 135221 last thing onrepparttar 135222 minds of web groups.

Web designers are higher onrepparttar 135223 food chain in these groups. All too oftenrepparttar 135224 writing ofrepparttar 135225 message becomes a secondary consideration. "The site will look like this. We'll arrangerepparttar 135226 pages like this. And byrepparttar 135227 way, we need someone to writerepparttar 135228 words."

This attitude of "text comes last" is nonsense and it has been fromrepparttar 135229 dayrepparttar 135230 internet first went commercial.

Hundreds of millions of visitors have always known that their primary need on arriving at a site is to findrepparttar 135231 key messages. "Am I inrepparttar 135232 right place? Will I find what I want on this site?"

Our visitors know thatrepparttar 135233 words arerepparttar 135234 most important element on a web site.

Google knows thatrepparttar 135235 words arerepparttar 135236 most important element on a web site. (Unlikely aside fromrepparttar 135237 Googlebot: "Cool design. Better rank this page higher.)

The only people who haven't understood this so far are web group managers and web designers.

Even marketing people insist on just dropping in for-print-approved text on their sites, without any thought as torepparttar 135238 special needs ofrepparttar 135239 medium. (Would they create a radio ad simply by usingrepparttar 135240 sound track from their TV commercial? I don't think so. Every medium has its own demands when it comes torepparttar 135241 words,repparttar 135242 web included.)

>> How to design to showcaserepparttar 135243 message

The first step is to bringrepparttar 135244 writer in atrepparttar 135245 beginning. The designer will find thatrepparttar 135246 writer has a number of priorities and needs in mind. He or she might say:

"This isrepparttar 135247 page's primary message. We need people to really get this onrepparttar 135248 first screen."

"We have three separate audience needs to address here. I need these three headings to have equal emphasis, preferably onrepparttar 135249 first screen."

"This message is justrepparttar 135250 first step in converting a visitor to a buyer. We need a strong pathway of three levels before he or she is ready to buy."

Create and deploy a website from start to finish!

Written by Brock Coffee

Create and deploy a website from start to finish!

Need a website for small business, church, sports team, or community but don’t know where to start? Don’t haverepparttar time or maybe evenrepparttar 134964 knowledge on how to build and or publish a website? Well let me say it’s really know big deal. I will try to give yourepparttar 134965 basics to get started.

Ok let’s get to it. Here are some steps you can follow in no particular order.

-Step one, create some pages. You probably have heard of “HTML”, html stands for “hypertext markup language”. Hypertext Markup Language is a text-based markup language used for web documents. In HTML, markup indicates page structure. A website can be made up of many “html” files. If you know absolutely nothing about HTML then you’re going to have to do some research or purchase a book. If you’re using a good HTML editor or MS Word then this task is not be so bad. I don’t want to get intorepparttar 134966 task of coding HTML in this article so you’re going to have to play around with building some practice pages.

About HTML editors Their are many editors that can be used to create and edit html files. Some free, some costing hundreds of dollars. Since it is a text based language pretty much any text editor will do but I suggjest investing in a good WIZ-zee-wig. (Short for what you see is what you get). My favorite is Macromedia Dreamweaver. If you have Microsoft word then you can save “Word” documents as web pages as well.

Page Types There are basically two types of web pages, static and dynamic. What’srepparttar 134967 difference between a static and dynamic web page? Well it is exactly that, static or dynamic. Static never changes. It basically just text, links and images. Dynamic web page, dynamic HTML or DHTML is a technique of creating interactive web sites by using a combination ofrepparttar 134968 static markup language HTML, a client-side scripting language (such as JavaScript, ASP, PHP) andrepparttar 134969 style definition language Cascading Style Sheets. I’ll get into JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets some other time.

-Step two, a name for your website. My favorite! So you need a name for this website, it’s called a domain name. What is a domain name you ask? A domain name is a unique name that identifies an internet site. The Internet is made up of hundreds of thousands of computers and networks, all with their own domain name or unique address example (www.website.com). It’s as simple as that. You’ll have to find a name that no one else has taken and register it. The typical cost is less then $10 a year. If you are starting an online business it is best to select a name that is representative ofrepparttar 134970 products you’re selling. For example, if you are going to sell potted plants then a name like “potted-plants.com” would be your best choices. Why?,repparttar 134971 search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) like it.

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