Web Design: Integrating e-Commerce

Written by Kurt Thumlert

For web developers who prioritize graphics and design work, reconcilingrepparttar art of web development with building an e-commerce platform can be somewhat problematic. Design and programming arerepparttar 134762 foci - and these arerepparttar 134763 skills developers spend years refining, weekends investigating, and long nights tweaking. That's why for many people providing web design solutions,repparttar 134764 e-commerce dimension of building a site can often be a bit unruly - if not downright utilitarian.

Here, it'srepparttar 134765 art and science of web development that'srepparttar 134766 fun part. Juggling a variety of e-commerce vendors for different e-commerce needs (or performingrepparttar 134767 in-house technical work of commerce-enabling a client site) can be infinitely less rewarding than primary web design/development.

Unfortunately, most clients don't spend a lot time reviewingrepparttar 134768 nuances of source code - that weird cipher rippling beneathrepparttar 134769 surface of their web pages. Instead, business functionality is their primary goal - and online credit card authorization may supplant web artistry on your clients' list of priorities. And rightly so - it's their business at stake.

So onrepparttar 134770 web developer's plate, you haverepparttar 134771 responsibility of translating a client's vision into a web-based reality, of mobilizingrepparttar 134772 underlying code. In many cases, you also haverepparttar 134773 additional task of e-commerce enablingrepparttar 134774 site - integrating e-commerce systems and coordinating various service providers. Synchronizing these latter aspects of development can be frustrating, regardless of whether you outsource or perform tasks in-house.

Here, you may be required to organize secure server hosting, integrate an automated payment processing system and secure order page, incorporate catalog and shopping cart functionality, and in some cases you may even have to help swing a card-not-present merchant account so your client can accept credit cards onrepparttar 134775 Internet. There's a lot of detail work to manage.

The solution, of course, is to eliminate all this confusion by finding one reliable service provider who you can handlerepparttar 134776 entire spectrum of e-commerce tasks for you. The ideal situation - for bothrepparttar 134777 web developer andrepparttar 134778 client - is to have these e-commerce duties out-sourced to a 'single-source' e-commerce company: a vendor that can manage and coordinate every feature of a solid, flexible e-commerce platform.


Written by Laraine Anne Barker

1. Don't use __"click here"__ for your links (the link should be attached to where you want your visitors to go: "Return to __home page__" rather than "__Click here__ to return to Home Page"). "Click here" is meaningless andrepparttar visitor has to keep scanningrepparttar 134761 text to findrepparttar 134762 link's content--very time-wasting.

2. It's a good idea to putrepparttar 134763 URL of each page onrepparttar 134764 bottom ofrepparttar 134765 document. This makes it easier for people who have downloaded your page to disk to revisit it. I often find myself wishing more people would do this, especially forrepparttar 134766 type of page that eventually becomes out-of-date.

3. Take time to proof-read your text before you upload it to your server. Preferably get someone else to do it for you. Authors become so familiar with what they have written that they usually see what they expect to see, thus missing many typographical errors.

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