Web Content Strategy 101

Written by Joel Walsh

Your web content makes or breaksrepparttar profitability of your site. Here’s how you can develop a strategy to makerepparttar 150897 most of your site’s content.

Your content is what gets you in search engines, speaks to visitors, and ultimately decidesrepparttar 150898 success or failure of your site. Meanwhile, your content has to be updated at least once a month if you want to get return visitors and search engine traffic. You need to have a web content strategy for your site to succeed.

Web Content Strategy Components

There are four basic ways you can get content for your site.

Free-reprint content that you can publish on your site in exchange for putting a link torepparttar 150899 authors' site underrepparttar 150900 article. The main benefit of this kind of content is that you can build up your site quickly.

Original content contributed freely by your visitors, such as message boards and guestbook-style comments. The main advantage of this content is that it costs nothing and gives you insight into your visitors. The disadvantages are low quality andrepparttar 150901 constant vigilance needed to police it for misbehavior.

Original written content that you allow other sites to republish in exchange for a link to your site. This content is usually informational articles, whitepapers, and sometimes, press releases. Exchanging content is an essential component of getting links to your site.

Original written content that's exclusive to your site. You should have some content that you hold back from republication, to avoid giving visitors or search enginesrepparttar 150902 idea all your content can be had somewhere else. This can include FAQs, "about us" pages, case studies, testimonials, and other content that other sites would not want to reprint anyway.

What Kind of Content to Use

So, which ofrepparttar 150903 four kinds of content should you use on your site? Ideally, all four. That way you'll maximizerepparttar 150904 amount of quality content your site can have.

Just be careful not to rely too heavily on free-reprint content. If most of what's on your site isn't original to you, you'll suffer in credibility, both with your visitors andrepparttar 150905 search engines.

Seecrets On Search Engines: Joe Nogood Becomes President In Landslide Victory

Written by Stan Seecrets

This article introduces keywords, relevancy and possible abuses of search engines whimsically. It is an experiment to portray current Internet events and issues (where angels fear to tread) in a lighthearted perhaps entertaining manner. Joe Nogood and JoeNoGood.com are fictional but copyrighted. Below is a conversation between Joe and his longtime buddy, Stan.

[Author’s note: Some may have read portions of this article before – you can proceed torepparttar next section. This author apologizes for his human error.]

Joe runs for Political Office

Joe: Let’s go and visit DMV.

Stan: DMV? You’ve just renewed your driving license last week.

Joe: Notrepparttar 150896 Department of Motor Vehicles, you dummy. The Drunkards of Mountain View – they’re so fixated on brandy, burgundy, booze stuff (referring to Google’s search algorithms’ names). They are drunk with their own success.

Stan: What name will they use for their next algorithm?

Joe: BS.

Stan: But, BS is an organic matter. What has that got to do with booze?

Joe: Ah,repparttar 150897 Danes use plenty of that stuff to make methane gas. By using genetically modified bacteria, you can use this BS stuff to make ethane gas,repparttar 150898 precursor of ethanol – pure 200-proof alcohol.

Stan: Why visit these drunkards then?

Joe: All their rankings stuff are BS. Somehow, they managed to convincerepparttar 150899 whole world and make a lot of money inrepparttar 150900 process. They may provide a few pointers on how to be President.

Stan: President?

Joe: By using DMV in our pages, DMV is related to roads and being a middle-of-the-road candidate, we’ll occupy all top 100 rankings for all our web pages. Joe I. Nogood is running for President withrepparttar 150901 slogan "I NoGood".

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