Web Conferencing: Finding a Service Provider that Meets Your Needs

Written by Mike Spencer

Copyright 2005 Octocat Ltd

Withrepparttar vast amount of service providers that are available today, it’s not always easy to findrepparttar 146515 one that best fillsrepparttar 146516 bill for your particular web conferencing needs. Each one claims to berepparttar 146517 biggest, best or least expensive, and all will try to convince you that their particular plan isrepparttar 146518 one that makesrepparttar 146519 most sense for your business. Sometimes you’ll berepparttar 146520 victim of a hard sell by those who are skilled inrepparttar 146521 art of divertingrepparttar 146522 attention away from your questions and, before you know it,repparttar 146523 focus is on a set of features that you may have no use for at all.

In other cases, there are hidden fees that are peppered throughoutrepparttar 146524 contract which you might not readily notice until you’ve fallen intorepparttar 146525 buy-in trap. How, then, are you supposed to findrepparttar 146526 best service provider to handle your web conferencing? Here are some handy tips that you should keep in mind when you go shopping for such services.

Multiple Location Participants – If you have key people in distant lands that will need to come intorepparttar 146527 web conferencing loop, remember to keep this in mind when shopping for a web conferencing package. If a service provider attempts to impose strict limitations on this type of scenario, then this isn’trepparttar 146528 one for you.

Compare Prices – Since most web conferencing providers utilizerepparttar 146529 same software or equipment fromrepparttar 146530 same manufacturers, it stands to reason thatrepparttar 146531 pricing structures should be similar. If one or more of them come in way aboverepparttar 146532 mark, this should tell you something aboutrepparttar 146533 integrity ofrepparttar 146534 company. In short, move on to another provider.

Review Pricing Plans – Though many providers require to be paid on a rate-per-person schedule, there are those who will offerrepparttar 146535 same web conferencing services for a flat rate. This is ideal for companies with a number of participants. If you’re givenrepparttar 146536 option of paying a flat monthly fee for unlimited web conferences, so muchrepparttar 146537 better.

Survival On The Road! A Resource For The 'On The Road' Sales Professional

Written by Jimmie Newell

It makes no difference if you are a Saleswomen, a Salesman, a rookie or a seasoned pro, we all face challenges while onrepparttar road. You may set up your own flights, cars and lodging, you may have a travel department that does it all for you, or if you are likerepparttar 146514 vast majority of "rocket roadsters" you drive your own car.

The successful sales road trip begins long beforerepparttar 146515 first appointment. Imagine if you have driven or flown all day, made all of your sales calls, and get to your hotel only to find you don't have a reservation, they don't have an ironing board inrepparttar 146516 room, they don't have a data port onrepparttar 146517 phone, they don't have high speed Internet...we could go on and on, but you getrepparttar 146518 idea, at this point you feel thatrepparttar 146519 entire world is picking on you.

Do you fly to your appointments, what if you did not have a reservation, or you got torepparttar 146520 airport to late?

What if you had no rental car reservation?

Isrepparttar 146521 car you reserved available?

Do you use a computer onrepparttar 146522 road?

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