Web Analytics - Murder by Numbers - Part 1

Written by Jason OConnor

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Web Analytics - Murder by Numbers - Part 1 Jason OConnor

Want to know a methodology to learnrepparttar 133610 exact effectiveness of every e-marketing initiative you conduct? It’s a method that every company online should implement. It’s a must-have if you’re actively trying to leverage your web presence to increase your bottom line.

One ofrepparttar 133611 great aspects ofrepparttar 133612 Internet and e-marketing is its ability to give immediate results and feedback regarding all kinds of online activities. This of course requires tracking.

Let us delve intorepparttar 133613 world of tracking. Part 1 of this two part series will explainrepparttar 133614 basics of e-marketing tracking. Part 2 will provide a fool-proof method for website statistical acquisition.

If you rent some banner ad space at a website whose audience is your target market, you can learn exactly how many people saw your banner ad and how many clicked through to your site. You can also determine how many people actually became a lead fromrepparttar 133615 banner ad and even see how many were converted into a sale.

Ifrepparttar 133616 numbers were lowrepparttar 133617 first time around, you can create a new banner ad and submit it again, then track those results. You can keep tweaking ad infinitum until you discoverrepparttar 133618 perfect combination of design, copy and presentation that yieldsrepparttar 133619 best results. This is one ofrepparttar 133620 wonders ofrepparttar 133621 Net. But you’ll need a way to make sense of allrepparttar 133622 numbers. And there will be a lot of numbers. Enter Web Analytics.

Here arerepparttar 133623 most important data points for an e-marketer:

1.Cost for campaign 2.Reach or total visits (in Netspeak, ‘eyeballs’) 3.Unique visits 4.Click-thru number 5.Click-thru percentage 6.Number of leads generated 7.Cost per lead 8.Lead conversion rate 9.Lead to sales ratio 10.Number of sales generated

Inrepparttar 133624 banner ad example above, let’s sayrepparttar 133625 statistics for a day are:

1.The banner ad’s cost forrepparttar 133626 day = $500 2.Total visits = 1000 3.Unique visits = 800 4.Click-thru number = 50 5.Click-thru percentage = 5% 6.Leads generated = 20 7.Cost per lead = $25 8.Lead conversion rate = 40% 9.Lead to sales ratio = 10% 10.Sales generated = 2

The daily, weekly or monthly visits torepparttar 133627 site that houses your banner ad will berepparttar 133628 reach or visits torepparttar 133629 site. This number can be broken down to both total and unique visits. If there were a 1000 visits to that web page in a day but 200 of those visits were fromrepparttar 133630 same people visiting twice in that day (and allrepparttar 133631 rest came only once), then total visits is 1000 and unique visits is 800. This is because if 200 people came torepparttar 133632 site twice that day, then 200 ofrepparttar 133633 total visits forrepparttar 133634 day were repeats which leaves 800 unique visitors (1000 – 200 = 800).

Why Traffic Touts and List Pushers Are Bad For Your Business

Written by Charles Kangethe

Why Traffic Touts and List Pushers Are Bad For Your Business Simply Easier Marketing - Part 2 of 3. ----------------------------------------------------------------

(c) 2004 Charles Kangethe -------------------------

In this Article we look atrepparttar second competitive advantage of successful Internet Marketers - Warm Traffic and True O'pt-In Lists.

Good, Bad and Ugly Traffic --------------------------

Marketing depends heavily onrepparttar 105925 type of Traffic you attract.

* Untargeted Traffic

Similar to Traffic passing high street shops in vehicles.

This Traffic is of very little use.

* Targeted Traffic

Similar to people window shopping onrepparttar 105926 high street.

There is a chance that ifrepparttar 105927 products appeal, they will walk in to get a better look. Competition from other shops, for this type of Traffic is very high.

* Warm Traffic

Similar to browsers who walk intorepparttar 105928 high street shops to "Touch and Feel"repparttar 105929 merchandise.

Your best prospects and chances of sales come from this group.

=> Sidebar - What Traffic Touts don't want you to know * They can and will sell you untargeted and targeted Traffic.

* Very few can deliver warm Traffic! <=

Wrong Traffic Is Bad For Business ---------------------------------

* Paid Traffic

1) Adverts in Cyber Space

Surfers who see your ad have a choice of acting on it or moving on.

This can deliver all three types of Traffic. It depends onrepparttar 105930 quality of your advert AND whererepparttar 105931 advert is placed.

2) Buying Popups, popunders, or popovers of your offer

Depending on where you buy your Traffic you are givenrepparttar 105932 O'ption, at a cost, of filtering for language, geographical region and surfer interests'.

=> Sidebar - What Traffic Touts don't want you to know * Page Impressions with no filter deliver untargeted Traffic!

* Page Impressions with filters result in untargeted to targeted Traffic. You have to buy big Traffic volumes to convert a small percentage into warm Traffic. <=

3) Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you have never done a PPC campaign start small with a less competitive engine than Overture or Google.

PPC delivers highly targeted to Warm Traffic depending onrepparttar 105933 quality of your advert.

4) Cost Per Action (CPA).

Providers of CPA are not easy to find becauserepparttar 105934 entire risk ofrepparttar 105935 promotion lies withrepparttar 105936 provider notrepparttar 105937 advertiser.

This is a good way of building Warm Traffic and only paying when that Traffic takes particular action such as subscribing or buying on your web site.

CPA delivers Traffic similar to PPC.

* F'ree Traffic

1) F'ree For All (FFA)

FFA sources typically generate untargeted Traffic. But there is another reason to avoid them.

They are not entirely F'ree !

Apart fromrepparttar 105938 time it takes you to earn "credits" which are repparttar 105939 currency FFA's, any Traffic costs you bandwidth, and although most hosting accounts these days have generous bandwidth, if much of it is being used by people who will never buy from you, then that is a wasted business cost!

2) Traffic Exchanges (and Safelists)

People exchanging Traffic are often, like yourself, primarily sellers of services and products and not buyers.

Unless you have exceptional or very unique products you are unlikely to attract much buying interest fromrepparttar 105940 other people inrepparttar 105941 exchange program.

3) Search Engines and Directories

These sources deliver highly targeted to warm Traffic in potentially big volume.

The drawback is that Search Engine O'ptimisation is difficult, and time consuming.

It can be frustrating becauserepparttar 105942 payback in higher ranking and Traffic often takes anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months

4) Self syndication through Writing Articles and Press Releases

This results in similar Traffic to Search Engines, butrepparttar 105943 volume is significantly lower !

When Is An O'pt-In List Not An O'pt-In List ? ---------------------------------------------

Many marketers do not really understand True O'pt-In lists and therefore they end up building a collection of names and e-mail addresses from which O'pt-Outs are highly likely.

* Single O'pt-In Lists

Constructed onrepparttar 105944 strength of a single contact people receive a one off or periodic information and products from you.

* Double O'pt-In Lists

Constructed as above, with a confirmation step thatrepparttar 105945 signup details are correct before you send information or start selling.

* True O'pt-In Lists

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