WebWhacked? Three Ways to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by the Internet

Written by David Johnson

There’s no reason to feel intimidated byrepparttar Web. There is so much hype surrounding this new medium that it’s easy to believe that you’re falling behind. It’s just not true… yet.

The truth is: · You’re not that far behind · You’ve already got what it takes · You can’t do any worse than you’re doing right now.

Here are three ways you can avoid getting paralyzed into inactivity byrepparttar 119077 hype:

1. The Web is not all Interactive and E-Commerce Web Sites

There are lots of sites — some people call it brochure-ware – that give a company a Web presence for very little money. These sites are easy and inexpensive to put up and can attract lots of business for your company.

The truth is: only 20% of all Web sites currently offer real-time transactions. And that number’s only slated to reach 33% byrepparttar 119078 end of 2000. You keep hearing about e-commerce only becauserepparttar 119079 media keeps focusing on and hyping e-commerce sites.

So don’t let “e-commerce” throw you. If you find out you need e-commerce technology — because you plan to sell in real-time on your site —there are a number of Web hosts out there that, for a fee, will allow you to perform real-time transactions (providing you qualify with a bank for a merchant account). Bigstep (http://www.bigstep.com/), Yahoo store (http://store.yahoo.com/), GoBizGo (formerly Sitematic) (http://www.gobizgo.com/) are just three of them.

You’ve probably also heard a lot aboutrepparttar 119080 interactivity ofrepparttar 119081 Web. There are two things you should know. First, it’s all true. The Web holdsrepparttar 119082 promise of beingrepparttar 119083 first truly interactive mass medium. Secondly, nobody butrepparttar 119084 very well funded Amazon-sized Web sites are even beginning to scratchrepparttar 119085 surface of interactive technologies. Most ofrepparttar 119086 technology behindrepparttar 119087 interactive Web sites to-date has been around for years — databases, chat, forums, e-mail.

There are millions of Web sites out there. Very few offerrepparttar 119088 cutting edge e-commerce and interactive tools thatrepparttar 119089 press loves to write about. Don’t let these stories scare you — there’s still plenty of room for you onrepparttar 119090 Web at whatever price point you want to pay.

2. What You Already Know About Business Applies torepparttar 119091 Web

It seems like everything aboutrepparttar 119092 Web is new, but it’s not. Sure there are some fine points of technology to be learned, but business is still business. What you know about promoting your products or services offline applies to promoting your products and services online. The same copy will find its way torepparttar 119093 Web,repparttar 119094 same target marketing,repparttar 119095 same accounting skills, andrepparttar 119096 same product fulfillment practices.

Looking For a Job on the Internet?

Written by Karrie Langmeier

You've heard about it onrepparttar news, read it inrepparttar 119076 morning newspaper. People are looking for jobs andrepparttar 119077 majority of them are turning torepparttar 119078 Internet to find them.

I did a search on Google for "job sites." My search returnedrepparttar 119079 top ten of "about 2,690,000." That tells me that thousands of people have realizedrepparttar 119080 potential to capitalize on helping individuals find employment viarepparttar 119081 Internet. You're thinking, "Cool. Finding a job onrepparttar 119082 Internet should be a snap." Well, maybe. There a few things you should know before clicking on one of those 2,690,000 possibilities to find a job.

Sharing of Information

Many ofrepparttar 119083 job boards share a common database of information. Working collectively, each individual web site contributes torepparttar 119084 database by attracting resume and job posters. In a combined effort, they all benefit from having generated a mass amount of searchable information they can display on their individual sites. The average person does not realize that resume banks and job postings are recycled to possibly several hundred job sites that share in a database. Keep in mind, these sites can range from local and niche job boards to medium and large size companies. "OK," you say. "So, what'srepparttar 119085 big deal?"

Your Privacy

Do your research. The resume you post on one job site may end up being circulated to several other job boards, all overrepparttar 119086 Web. Secondly, search engines have what are called "spiders." Spiders scourrepparttar 119087 Internet gathering data that is made available when someone performs a query on a search engine. Newsgroups and personal web pages are a few ofrepparttar 119088 additional places spiders frequent. The majority of people don't realize that their personal information such as a home address, phone number, e-mail, work history and other personal details are now available to vast numbers of strangers.

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