WebPosition Release v2.0 and Reject Reporting Issues

Written by Kalena Jordan

As you would have heard, FirstPlace Software, creators ofrepparttar hugely popular WebPosition Gold search engine marketing software, recently announcedrepparttar 128034 forthcoming release ofrepparttar 128035 long-awaited version 2 of their product. WPG v2.0 is already available in Beta format (see link below) and boasts an impressive number of new features to help web masters ensure their web sites are spider friendly, ranking highly and submitted torepparttar 128036 most appropriate search engines and directories worldwide. I recently tookrepparttar 128037 opportunity to interview President of FirstPlace Software, Brent Winters, about their new product and also about his views onrepparttar 128038 increasing crackdown on automatic reporting tools by some ofrepparttar 128039 major search engines.

Below is a transcript ofrepparttar 128040 interview: --------------------------- (WR) = Web Rank, (BW) = Brent Winters

Question 1 (WR) - Why has it taken so long for FirstPlace Software to release a new (BETA) version of WebPosition Gold? (BW) A couple of factors contributed torepparttar 128041 delay. We under-estimatedrepparttar 128042 amount of work to keeprepparttar 128043 current version up to date withrepparttar 128044 continuous changes atrepparttar 128045 search engines, while still contributing resources to version 2. We ended up spending time adding and removing engines inrepparttar 128046 existing product, adding new features, etc. so we were not standing still since version 1.0. In fact, we are on version 1.60.5 now. We eventually added new developers to accelerate work on version 2. In addition, version 2 includes a tremendous number of new features and engines. In retrospect, we should have scaled backrepparttar 128047 number of features for version 2 and saved more for version 3. Fortunately, our customers will benefit from getting a lot of bang for their buck when they upgrade. Question 2 (WR) - In your opinion, what isrepparttar 128048 most important or significant feature ofrepparttar 128049 new version? (BW) There are so many important features it is difficult to boil it down to a single most important feature. Every customer will have their favorite depending on how they tend to userepparttar 128050 product. Certainlyrepparttar 128051 support for new country specific engines is a big one. Unlike other products, this support extends beyond just submission and reporting. The Page Critic also provides valuable advice for how to improve your rankings in over 75 major engines. A current (although not exhaustive) list of new features can be found at: http://www.webposition.com/wpg2upgrade.htm Question 3 (WR) - The BETA version of WPG v2 includes regional search engines - something your customers have been asking about for years. Why did it take so long to include these? (BW) See above Question 4 (WR) - Only a handful of countries were included inrepparttar 128052 regional engines. Do you plan to include other country search engines (e.g. New Zealand and more Asian countries) in future releases? (BW) Please keep in mind that you are looking at a beta version right now. We are working hard to add new engines to fill any significant gaps and are listening to customer feedback. For example, you mentioned Asian countries. We already have support for some Japanese and Chinese engines and are working on adding more. We support a dozen different regions currently: Global/US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain/Latin America, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, Scandinavia andrepparttar 128053 Netherlands. Some countries likerepparttar 128054 UK have support for eight or more engines already (or will very shortly). Others have only a few. How many they have depends on how many popular engines we are able to locate for that region, and how far along we are inrepparttar 128055 development of that region. Even after we releaserepparttar 128056 product we will continue to add more engines (or remove engines) as things change and we receive feedback from customers. We may add support for entirely new regions depending upon demand. Question 5 (WR) - The major search engines, most noticeably Google, have recently been taking a stand againstrepparttar 128057 use of rank reporting software and even banningrepparttar 128058 IP addresses of persons using it. How has this impacted WPG sales and how will it affect future releases? Can you confidently say it is safe for customers to use WPG right now to check their ranks? (BW) A very small percentage of customers had their IP blocked by Google in early 2001. I've heard of no one having their IP blocked for using WebPosition on any search engines for over six months since we released updates to more precisely emulate a browser. Version 2 includes an additional safety feature to slow down searches to a user-definable amount. That way you can be more courteous torepparttar 128059 search engines while maintaining a lower profile. We continue to encourage customers to keep their queries to a minimum withrepparttar 128060 search engines (For example, there's generally no reason to run reports every single day or for hundreds of keywords). You should also run reports at night whenever possible.

The New Edition of WebPosition Gold 2 is Finally Here!

Written by Robin Nobles

The NEW Edition of WebPosition Gold is Finally Here . . . And its new features make it better than ever!

By Robin Nobles

Typical ofrepparttar professionalism of FirstPlace Software, they've waited to release WebPosition Gold 2 (http://www.webposition.com) until all possible bugs could be found and corrected, so it seems like forever that we've been waiting for this release. However, for those of us "die hard" Gold fans,repparttar 128033 wait has been well worth it.

Let's take a quick walk through ofrepparttar 128034 program and discuss my favorite features as well as changes made in each area.


By far my favorite feature of Gold, Reporter will now report your rankings across an impressive 85 world-wide search engines and directories.

Some other new and exciting features include:

* You can now easily mail copies ofrepparttar 128035 report to your clients, even going so far as to ZIPrepparttar 128036 file.

* You can automatically upload reports to your Web site.

* You can conserve disk space by checking an option to deleterepparttar 128037 actual downloaded page afterrepparttar 128038 reports are generated.

* You can even filter out non-ranking keywords fromrepparttar 128039 report, so thatrepparttar 128040 report you send to your clients will be even more impressive!

* "Visibility Statistics" are now included atrepparttar 128041 top ofrepparttar 128042 Concise Summary Report that will let you know how many top ranking pages you have as well as other valuable statistics. ? Under Options, you're givenrepparttar 128043 choice of being courteous to each engine by waiting a certain period of time between searches.

Page Generator

While reviewing this program, I created a few pages using Page Generator, which is a feature of Gold 2 that helps you build pages.

This portion of Gold has gotten criticism inrepparttar 128044 past becauserepparttar 128045 engines don't want to see "machine-generated" pages. However, Gold 2's Page Generator doesn't produce anything remotely "machine generated." You have to createrepparttar 128046 content, designrepparttar 128047 page, and chooserepparttar 128048 keywords. You simply createrepparttar 128049 page from within a form, rather than on a blank HTML page.

After creating one ofrepparttar 128050 pages, I ran it through Page Critic, then submitted it through Inktomi's pay inclusion program. Within a couple of days, I was already seeing top 10 results across many ofrepparttar 128051 engines.

Isrepparttar 128052 page a "doorway page"? Any page on your entire site is virtually a doorway into your site. Doesrepparttar 128053 page provide value torepparttar 128054 Internet, and would it be interesting and valuable to Net users? Yes. Page Generator just made it easier for me to createrepparttar 128055 page.

Page Critic

Page Critic is designed to look at your pages and offer suggestions in a variety of areas, such as word count, keyword prominence, keyword frequency, and keyword weight. Critic then offers specific suggestions that will help you create a page that is close torepparttar 128056 statistical averages of other top ranking pages for that particular search engine. Under General Suggestions, you'll find a running list of news, tips, and suggestions related torepparttar 128057 engine.

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