Weave Your Own Web

Written by A. Raymond Randall

Many elementary school children knowrepparttar miracle of Charlotte's Web. Weavingrepparttar 131758 words "Some Pig" intorepparttar 131759 center of her web, Charlotte keeps Wilbur fromrepparttar 131760 frying pan. E.B. White's story provides some fascinating guidelines for web spinning.

Charlotte's wisdom assures Wilbur about what matters. Onrepparttar 131761 one hand, when Wilbur tries creating his own web, she instructs, "You can't spin a web...and I advise you to putrepparttar 131762 idea out of your mind." Wilbur lacks "spinnerets, and ... know how". She also informs Wilbur, "...you don't need a web." However with some "know how", every webmaster may weave a "terrific" web. A spider called Charlotte offers wise suggestions.

Have a plan.

Wilbur had no plan to save himself fromrepparttar 131763 butcher, and when first asked, Charlotte did not have much of a plan. She does suggestrepparttar 131764 importance of "working on it", and in her case, "hanging head down...that's when I do my thinking". Don't suggest you turn yourself upside down, but do suggest taking time to ponder YOUR plan. When Wilbur asks if he can help, she says, "I'll work on it alone". I am convinced that you must design your own plan when weaving your web. Stay away from templates and pre-made web site designs. Generations of web designers preceded Charlotte; she mimickedrepparttar 131765 structure, but notrepparttar 131766 content. Her choices evolved from her unique and distinctive plan.

Have a purpose.

Searching The Internet Without Seach Engines

Written by Thad Collins

The World Wide Web contains more than ten million websites with thousands more being added daily from all overrepparttar world, and search engines are tasked with presentingrepparttar 131756 most relevant pages based onrepparttar 131757 search criteria entered. Finding a large and popular site like www.irs.gov is easy because it is related to a large agency, but a small site like mine www.consumermortgagereduction.com would be impossible withoutrepparttar 131758 use of search engines. The task of finding a website that relates to a specific subject would be almost withoutrepparttar 131759 use ofrepparttar 131760 search engine, yet they perform this task with relative ease using tools that may be unknown to most users of search engines.

The first of these tools utilize by search engines are web-crawlers; they search sites based on meta-tags, orrepparttar 131761 hidden descriptions ofrepparttar 131762 site encoded inrepparttar 131763 head ofrepparttar 131764 web page. By using web-crawlers to spider websites,repparttar 131765 search engine does not have to searchrepparttar 131766 entire webpage to return results, justrepparttar 131767 first few lines of code. The majority ofrepparttar 131768 code web-crawlers spider is contained inrepparttar 131769 section or top ofrepparttar 131770 web page, and search engines use this information to list relevant search terms results. Meta-bots and Google-bots are used by search engines inrepparttar 131771 same way that web-crawlers are deployed, andrepparttar 131772 only difference is that bots readrepparttar 131773 first lines of text that is visible onrepparttar 131774 browser ofrepparttar 131775 user. Meta-bots and Google-bots are useful in providing content oriented sites with a quick description ofrepparttar 131776 site, and is use to matchrepparttar 131777 relative words in a search engine query.

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