Weather and Latitude are not allies

Written by David Leonhardt

There is a popular assumption that if you move to higher latitudes (towardrepparttar poles) you can escaperepparttar 147304 heat, and that by moving to lower latitudes (towardrepparttar 147305 equator) you can escaperepparttar 147306 cold.

The equation is simple. But is it real? If it was, thenrepparttar 147307 most northerly capital, Reykjavík, would also berepparttar 147308 least until they establish a country on Antarctica. Yes, it appears that latitude is slacking off and failing to keep temperatures in line.

This was brought home to me when preparing for a radio interview in Dublin, Ireland. February had just roiled in and I was sitting back comfortably in my good old Ottawa, Canada weather, scraping icicles off my toes. I was giddy with excitement over our warm spell, which it was reaching a high of minus-5 (that's about 20-degrees American). I always ask questionsrepparttar 147309 day before an interview, to learn a bit about my audience, so I askedrepparttar 147310 producer, "So what'srepparttar 147311 weather forecast in Dublin?" asked.

"Oh it's horrible," she told me. "People are bracing for a deep winter freeze that's supposed to hit tonight. It might even get as cold as minus-5!"

This blew me away, thatrepparttar 147312 folks in Dublin would be worried aboutrepparttar 147313 thermometer dips as low as ours spikes high. After all, isn't Dublin aboutrepparttar 147314 same latitude as Ottawa?

Weather forecast from an atlas

I whipped out my trusty atlas. We live almost exactly onrepparttar 147315 45th parallel. If we lived exactly on it, we would have to share our bed with a cow and a dozen chickens acrossrepparttar 147316 road – that's how close we are.

I turnedrepparttar 147317 pages to find Ireland. Could I have been mistaken? Is Dublin really quite south of us? No, it turns out that Dublin lies atrepparttar 147318 53rd parallel. Hey! They should be getting colder weather than us. That's not fair.

What you need to know about – hawaii islands

Written by Mansi gupta

Tired visitingrepparttar conventional holiday destinations? Want some escapades? Want to electrify yourself? Then budge to holiday at Hawaii and unravelrepparttar 147303 inscrutable anonymity of nature.

A Short March inrepparttar 147304 Past Hawaii Islands were born thousands of years ago fromrepparttar 147305 underwater volcanic action. The oceanic water nurturedrepparttar 147306 islands, which developed huge ecosystems. The islands are whispered to be older than America and first colonized by Polynesian migrants who had rolled up from Marquesas Islands and were a bunch of superstitious and God fearing people. However, Hawaii was christened asrepparttar 147307 50th state of USA on 21st August 1959. An Expedition to Hawaii

A glance atrepparttar 147308 mesmerizing red-hot lava making its passage torepparttar 147309 oceans lays barerepparttar 147310 fact thatrepparttar 147311 Hawaiian Islands are still intensifying. There is a concealed volcano beneathrepparttar 147312 Hawaii Island inrepparttar 147313 offing to be a part ofrepparttar 147314 Hawaiian family. However, at presentrepparttar 147315 Hawaii Islands are network of world’s six great and exotic islands namely-

1.Hawaii Island orrepparttar 147316 Big Island that isrepparttar 147317 largest amongstrepparttar 147318 constituent islands. 2.Maui Island or Valley Isle that was baptized after a legendary demigod Maui. The area ofrepparttar 147319 island is next torepparttar 147320 Hawaii Island. 3.Lanai orrepparttar 147321 Pineapple Island known for its delectable pineapples, isrepparttar 147322 smallest of all islands. 4.Molokai orrepparttar 147323 Friendly Isle that cocoons some ofrepparttar 147324 breath taking and marvelous beaches ofrepparttar 147325 world. 5.Oahu orrepparttar 147326 Gathering Place that groundsrepparttar 147327 capital city of Honolulu is a thickly populated island. 6.Kaui orrepparttar 147328 Garden Isle has out ofrepparttar 147329 ordinary flora andrepparttar 147330 bewitching Waimea Canyon.

The Hawaiian Islands are a perfect destination for bothrepparttar 147331 nature lovers as wellrepparttar 147332 beach aficionados. The former can take delight in hiking, sightseeing, horse riding etc. inrepparttar 147333 enigmatic evergreen forests at Hawaii, while there are inexhaustible and exclusive beach activities like underwater tours, submarine drives and scuba diving and so forth forrepparttar 147334 beach enthusiasts to have a ball. The wonderful Garden Island of Kauai crams you withrepparttar 147335 feel that nature has preeminently unveiled itself inrepparttar 147336 form of these gardens. The Molokai Island magnetizes with its fishing and underwater activities and a feather is added torepparttar 147337 enticement of this place byrepparttar 147338 incredible golf proceedings and events all roundrepparttar 147339 year. Hawaii has nestled some ofrepparttar 147340 glorious golf courses like Mauna Kea Golf Course, Challenge at Manele, Ko Olina andrepparttar 147341 like. Onrepparttar 147342 whole there are more than 80 golf clubs to bathe inrepparttar 147343 splendor of golf. Not to overlook are some ofrepparttar 147344 eminent museums,repparttar 147345 nerve wrecking night life and matchless cultural events like Hula dance, Hawaiian chants etc. onrepparttar 147346 land of Islands. You also haverepparttar 147347 opportunity to gain knowledge of some of these activities by participating inrepparttar 147348 respective events.

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